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The GAOAT: All Adventures Start With Tutorials And Unions

It was a bright, lovely day in a world not all that ACTUALLY it’s a world that’s super drastically different than our own. Like, absurdly so. Where cat people shoot fireballs out of their hands and stuff. And the term “adventure” is thrown around wildly. And the common form of transportation happens to be jumping on the back of a giant bird.

Yeah, totally normal and cool just don't worry about it or ask any questions

Yeah, totally normal and cool just don’t worry about it or ask any questions

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You Could Forget


If you close your eyes, you could forget nearly everything. Read More…

Looking For Balance/Best Year Ever

Highs are fun. Lows are not. Balance can be pretty good too, I guess.

Because of balance, I haven’t felt the need to write on this blog as much. Or maybe more specifically, I haven’t felt the need to write about depression as much. Of course, part of that is due in large part to having less of a need to share publicly about stuff, thanks to much more happening right in front of me and so many people around me to reconnect with.

I probably owe you guys an update, though, so here are some bullet points. Read More…

I Don’t Eat Fresh

I really hate Subway. Well, I think I do.

My major dilemma is that I like to keep my sandwiches simple. Of course, that’s the easy cop-out to admitting that I’m a picky eater. I’m much less picky than I used to be, that’s for sure, but I still can’t bring myself to enjoy lettuce or tomato. And the longer I live, the more I realize that lettuce and tomato are often the most necessary accessories on a sandwich.

Because of this, I learned to really enjoy sandwiches that don’t require lettuce or tomato. You know, like a Cuban or a nice pastrami on rye. All you really need on then is some mustard. It’s simple. Which maybe really is my reasoning behind things. Or maybe my denial of being a picky eater is so strong that I’ve convinced myself that simplicity is the reason. Read More…

ROTC Live From A Secret Bionic Lab!

Here’s an episode of Running Out The Clock (yeah, we still do that thing!) where Chandler and I wrap up the 2013 college football season and it’s all very emotional. And also fairly short.

You can CLICK HERE to pull it up in a new window and you can ALSO find ROTC on iTunes and download it there! Isn’t that neat?


They Can’t Get Rid Of Me

My younger brother could probably have played whatever sport he wanted in high school and done pretty well at it. Maybe not baseball, because I doubt he had the attention span necessary to survive such a slow moving game. The point is, though, that he took to these sort of things quickly, and if he ever stuck to anything he became quite good at it. Once again, attention span is the enemy here.

Eventually, he did settle on one thing and stuck with it for several years. And as we expected, he became very, very good at it.

Oddly enough, though, it was bowling. Read More…