You Could Forget


If you close your eyes, you could forget nearly everything.

With eyes closed, it’s almost as if the sky isn’t there. Its blue depth disappears behind your eyelids, just as above you it disappears behind the grey cloud cover. The transition is stunning, as the the wiry wisps of  of cloud stretch out into the expanse, running towards the horizon. A half moon peeks out early, as the day is so perfect that it couldn’t resist.

Perfect. You could forget nearly everything in a day as perfect as this. We must have times like these or days like these. Periods of time where we, who are constantly pressured to perform, don’t have to.

Pressure. In any other circumstances, the weight of expectations would command that we bend to its will. It would command that what should be thrilling and adventurous and fun becomes a requirement. With pressure gone, there is only that thrill, that excitement, that adventure. There is only the beauty of the one who acts with freedom. She acts solely out of a desire to experience life, and she is beautiful.

Beautiful. The water is beautiful, bounding down from the trees along the edge and congregating in a still, glassy pool. The only disruption is the drone of boat engines, yet everything is so beautiful that even the droning engines mesh together into a symphonic mode of transportation. It is the song of the weekend getaway, and at night it plays host to the strum of acoustic guitar and the beat of Peruvian percussion. It is noisy, it is chaotic, and it is life.

If you close your eyes, the perfect example of a life without pressure becomes visible, and oh, she is beautiful.

If you close your eyes, you could forget nearly everything.


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