Life With Tabs, Ep. 1

The GBOAT is proud to present the first episode in the webseries Life With Tabs.

Tabs loves you. A lot. She just doesn’t know how to express it.

And now for a brief serious note, okay? Okay.

It’s been a few months since I’ve genuinely cared about my friends. That’s just being honest. I was getting so frustrated at times with ALL the people in my life, I stopped caring like I should have. Then, everything cracked and broke open and I was instantly surrounded by so many who care for me greatly, even though I was the worst to them. Wow. I can’t even begin to understand any of that. Continue reading “Life With Tabs, Ep. 1”

I’ve Done It All Wrong

About seven years after I started college, I found the results of some random freshman assessment I had to take. It was one of those things that was required in your typical freshman welcoming class. You know, where you had to block out about 45 minutes of an otherwise nice and free afternoon just to click some bubbles on a computerized multiple choice.

I guess it was because of that fact that I forgot the test ever happened. Maybe I was bitter about having an afternoon thrown off, because I’m sure that it was a perfectly lovely afternoon where all my friends were receiving free money or something and I was stuck testing. Whatever the reasoning might have been, I had forgotten that test ever happened when I found the results from it seven years later.

There’s something about finding something like that which is fascinating. Assessments like that, or personality tests or anything along those lines, give such great insight, but looking back over them after more life experience gives a different perspective. A new view of things you already knew. Sure, I know I am an ENFP, but there’s a whole new perspective to have when I see it in light of how life has gone since taking the tests. Continue reading “I’ve Done It All Wrong”