My name is Joseph Craven, and I regret to inform you that you have landed on my website.

This is the Greatest Blog Of All Time. The declaration was made so that in 100 years it will be regarded as fact.

I started the GBOAT in 2011, had fun and met friends, got really jaded about what blogging was turning into (spoiler alert: it’s content creation), went through a terrible breakup, then a major depression, lost some of those friends, then stopped blogging.

That might have been some oversharing, but that’s fine because it’s why we’re here now. I missed this site. I missed doing things that wouldn’t be thrown into an algorithm. I missed writing for the public to read. I missed coming up with lists of three things.

Now fair warning: 90% of what I do is for my own entertainment. But who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy some of it too.

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by.