Musical Guilty Pleasures – Guest Post by Jason Bruce

Today’s post comes from my close friend Jason Bruce. Jason makes music for a living, and is now only the third “real life” friend I’ve had who has written something for me. Amongst the things Jason enjoys:, Dr. Pepper with NO ice in it, and passing out on my couch every Sunday afternoon.

Enjoy Jason’s words on guilty pleasures, then be sure to check out his Musical Facebook page here and also follow Jason Bruce Music on Twitter.

We’ve all got things we enjoy that we’re absolutely positive that no one else even remotely cares for. In the privacy and comfort of our own home, we engage these things, whether they be music, TV shows, films, books, food, hobbies, weird habits. We feel the rush of dopamine to our brain. We sit and revel in the sheer, child-like pleasure and gratification that we receive, which is quickly followed with the sobering thought of, “Yeah, I’m not gonna tell anyone about this.”

I’m just gonna throw this out there. I love Rihanna (67 out of 100 average career score, according to Metacritic). I have all of her albums. Katy Perry (49)? Love her. Flo Rida(59)? I play his stuff all the time when I DJ parties. “Domino” by Jessie J (51) is an incredible pop song, with it’s disco beat and Earth, Wind, and Fire chord changes. My favorite new group: Karmin. Google them. I’ll wait….
…I know, right? The other day, I had the sugary-sweet pop song “Call Me Maybe” by Justin Beiber (62) protege Carly Rae Jepsen (ironically, a 4 out of 5 rating on iTunes)stuck in my head, and instead of attempting to wash it out with some Andrew Bird or Editors, I proceeded to quietly sing it to myself ALL DAY.

5:26 pm

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The Second Greatest Thing to Happen to the World. Ever.

TJC Note: In honor of NBA All-Star weekend, here is Chandler’s approach to the theatrical classic Space Jam. It should be noted that Chandler was, in fact, the inspiration for this other Space Jam post so they go together like wine and cheese.

I’m assuming Joseph Craven, a close friend and all around wonderful guy, will edit this part out and write nice things about me.  In case he doesn’t, I’ll write nice things about myself and attribute them to him.  Chandler is a great guy.  Really a visionary.  I’m always amazed at the great ideas he comes up with, and it is an honor for me to have him contributing to this blog.  I think we are all better people for it, and a lunch with/video with/podcast/anything where you actually get to hear his voice will be the best thing (besides this particular post) to ever happen to this blog.

Joseph Craven and I are almost identical twins.  In fact, we are almost the same in almost every aspect except for the sports teams we support.  In that area, we’re direct opposites – #FAILSTATE #amirite #amireallyhashtaggingablogpost #kseriouslyimdonenow.  But possibly the one sports-related thing we agree wholeheartedly on is this:

“Space Jam” is the second greatest thing to ever happen to the world.  Ever.

And no, I don’t mean the “sports world” or the “movie world” or the “breaking down barriers between humans and cartoons world.”  I mean THE ENTIRE WORLD.

I believe that statement so strongly that I don’t think writing any further is necessary.  But as a passionate movie watcher (I have seen like 15 movies…top that!) I am not capable of passing up an opportunity to discuss such a great work of American cinematography.  So let’s analyze briefly why Space Jam is the second greatest thing to happen to the world.  Ever. Continue reading “The Second Greatest Thing to Happen to the World. Ever.”

Video Breakdown – “Basketball” by Kurtis Blow

If you’re anything like me, then I’m sorry, and I’ll be praying that you can turn your life around.

If you are, chances are you might like the sport of basketball. There’s also a good chance you’re familiar with this classic song. If you are NOT a basketball fan, it’s okay, this song will still blow your mind and touch your spirit.

Kurtis Blow was a rap pioneer. He was the first rapper to ever be signed to a major label, and he released songs throughout the early 80’s that continually busted onto the Billboard top 50.

The only problem with his music? It was early 80’s rap.

Kurtis Blow is now an ordained minister, known for his work with The Hip Hop Church and for saying things like, “Don’t get it twisted, God has always existed.” He is also now officially my new hero.

In honor of this being the NBA’s All-Star Weekend, let’s do a video breakdown of the Kurtis Blow classic “Basketball”, shall we?

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Bittersweet Symphony

We all learn at some point that life isn’t fair.

There’s a moment in which something monumental happens that shakes the way we view things. Maybe it’s something serious, like a car accident. Maybe it’s just the realization that sometimes you work hard but still come up short. It just happens.

For Richard Ashcroft and myself, that realization came in 1997.

Richard Ashcroft: Most British Looking Man Alive

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Party Rock Anthem

There are many things in modern music that I just do not understand. Often, things that are highly popular are worthless pieces of garbage, and high quality work gets overlooked. Sometimes you get an exception, such as with Mumford and Sons, who are really good AND really popular.

And then you have groups like LMFAO, who somehow embody everything you love and hate about music all at the same time.

LMFAO makes party music. This means that there is no depth to their music (the hated thing). This also means that they don’t take themselves seriously (the loved thing).

Therefore, LMFAO’s newest hit song, Party Rock Anthem, is simultaneously awful and amazing. And the music video is even more mind-blowing.

Between line-dancing, a Zombie Plague, and really tight leopard print pants, this video is more impressive than proper use of an Oxford comma.

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