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Jurassic World (Or, That Time I Felt Like I Was Five Again)


Worst Show….EVER?

Hey cool look at that! It’s a new video!

This is the first episode of a new show that I (under my workplace nickname of Kreg [don’t ask cause I don’t know]) and my friend Cadden have recklessly put together. It’s entitled Worst Show Ever, and in this pilot episode, we discuss several books we’ve never actually read.

Sound dumb? Of course it does. It wouldn’t be the Worst Show Ever if it sounded like a good idea!

Life With Tabs, Ep. 2

Tabs loves you in spite of your weird interests.

Life With Tabs, Ep. 1

The GBOAT is proud to present the first episode in the webseries Life With Tabs.

Tabs loves you. A lot. She just doesn’t know how to express it.

And now for a brief serious note, okay? Okay.

It’s been a few months since I’ve genuinely cared about my friends. That’s just being honest. I was getting so frustrated at times with ALL the people in my life, I stopped caring like I should have. Then, everything cracked and broke open and I was instantly surrounded by so many who care for me greatly, even though I was the worst to them. Wow. I can’t even begin to understand any of that. Read More…

Video Breakdown: It’s SHUMPERT

For NBA fans, the heart of the playoffs is exactly where they want to be, with countless great individual and team matchups.

One matchup that would be particularly intriguing if this was 1997 is the current series between the Indiana Pacers and the New York Knicks. Alas, this is not 1997, and the rivalry isn’t the same as when Reggie Miller was shaking his Cheryls at Spike Lee. However, there between Carmelo Anthony, Tyson Chandler and the reanimated corpses of Jason Kidd/Marcus Camby versus Paul George, Roy Hibbert and a cyborg named Tyler Hansborough who just wants to learn what love is, it’s still a fascinating series.

And then we have wildcards, such as the mysterious Iman Shumpert

Blending the arrogance of Reggie Miller with the hair of Patrick Ewing

Blending the arrogance of Reggie Miller with the hair of Patrick Ewing

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Video Breakdown – “Basketball” by Kurtis Blow

If you’re anything like me, then I’m sorry, and I’ll be praying that you can turn your life around.

If you are, chances are you might like the sport of basketball. There’s also a good chance you’re familiar with this classic song. If you are NOT a basketball fan, it’s okay, this song will still blow your mind and touch your spirit.

Kurtis Blow was a rap pioneer. He was the first rapper to ever be signed to a major label, and he released songs throughout the early 80’s that continually busted onto the Billboard top 50.

The only problem with his music? It was early 80’s rap.

Kurtis Blow is now an ordained minister, known for his work with The Hip Hop Church and for saying things like, “Don’t get it twisted, God has always existed.” He is also now officially my new hero.

In honor of this being the NBA’s All-Star Weekend, let’s do a video breakdown of the Kurtis Blow classic “Basketball”, shall we?

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