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Video Breakdown: Battlefield Earth Trailer

Movie trailers are supposed to make people WANT to see a film.

There are people who actually put trailers together for a living. Trailer Guys are tasked with taking some of the best clips from an upcoming film and putting them together in a 2-minute long package that intices people. Makes them think, “MAN! I can’t wait for that particular film to be released, because judging by the trailer, it is everything I look for in entertainment!”

You have to think it’s a pretty sweet job overall. But sometimes, movies come along that make these people hate their jobs. These movies are so bad, that not even the trailer can be redeemed. And keep in mind, a trailer has the ability to take a two hour long movie and cut it down to barely anything. They can take out all the bad parts.

But in some cases, such as with Battlefield Earth, there just aren’t any GOOD parts.

All I've seen is this picture and I already feel like I wasted two hours of my life

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Video Breakdown: Pryde of the X-Men, pt. 2

By now, you are WELL aware that X-Men, Pryde of the X-Men, was a terrible, terrible cartoon. If not, check these previous posts.

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Video Breakdown: Pryde of The X-Men, Pt. 1

When planning an animated television show, typically you don’t start with the question “How LITTLE effort can we put into this?”

X-Men: Pryde of the X-Men was apparently the exception. The creators seemed perfectly fine putting out a product that seemed to have pieced together in someone’s basement one weekend. The action is rushed, the dialog is useless, and character development is nonexistent.

Take a look for yourself, and there will be no wonder as to why a regular X-Men show didn’t happen for another three years. Read More…

Party Rock Anthem

There are many things in modern music that I just do not understand. Often, things that are highly popular are worthless pieces of garbage, and high quality work gets overlooked. Sometimes you get an exception, such as with Mumford and Sons, who are really good AND really popular.

And then you have groups like LMFAO, who somehow embody everything you love and hate about music all at the same time.

LMFAO makes party music. This means that there is no depth to their music (the hated thing). This also means that they don’t take themselves seriously (the loved thing).

Therefore, LMFAO’s newest hit song, Party Rock Anthem, is simultaneously awful and amazing. And the music video is even more mind-blowing.

Between line-dancing, a Zombie Plague, and really tight leopard print pants, this video is more impressive than proper use of an Oxford comma.

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My Moment

This past week, the entertainment event that millions had been waiting for was finally given to us. No, I’m not talking about that British wizard kid. We’ve already discussed all of that.

I’m talking about Rebecca Black’s new single “My Moment”

"Her 'moment' was a moment of national shame." - Stanton Martin

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