This is the 100th post on The GBOAT. Pretty cool.

Thanks for reading. I didn’t think I would last this long.

The breakdown goes like this:
Stanton – 3 posts
Chandler – 2 posts

Craven – 95 posts

Naturally, several of those posts I put up were also guest posts. So a very special thanks to such wonderful people as Knox McCoy, Ricky Anderson, Chad Harman, Stephen Haggerty, and yes, even a super lame person like Mandie Marie.

There are things planned for 2012 that should hopefully make The Greatest Blog Of All Time even more greatest.

So with that being said, I appreciate your support over the past (almost) year. Today, I’m taking the day off to celebrate this landmark, and you should take today to go back through the archives and see some of the stuff you missed.

Once again, thanks for reading. Enjoy this classic video, full of all the things I plan to do this weekend instead of blogging.

Okay have fun out there and be back before curfew.

“Everybody pulls for David. Nobody roots for Goliath.” – Wilt Chamberlain, who on March 2, 1962, set the NBA record with 100 points in a single game.

About The Joseph Craven

I'm tall, but not so tall that people point and stare.

12 responses to “#100”

  1. Ricky Anderson says :

    You never sent that check…

  2. G Fresh says :

    In honor of your 100th post I sent a semi-sweet burn your way on my 25th post.

    You’re welcome.

  3. Mandie Marie says :

    Your blog is super lame. You are super lame. We’re super lame together.


  4. TMZ says :

    Would love to see the video of you crying during Old Yeller. In any case, happy 100! May you experience at least 546 more.

  5. Stephen Haggerty says :

    1 POST! You’re telling me I was 1 post away from getting my name in bold? I’m such and IDIOT!
    PS- that MANtage was the best video I’ve ever seen.

    • The Joseph Craven says :

      Well, that was actually a list of people who actually posted something. Your post was posted by me, so therefore, posting credit was given to me. Should a post be posted by yourself, then your name will be posted in bold.

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