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Bearded Finish/New Favorite Websites

It’s crazy to think that just a month ago, I looked like this:


But now, after a month of hard work, I have finally regained that rugged look I so desperately need. Just one month. That’s all it took to regain my charm:


So what has this month been all about, ultimately? It’s November, which means we focus on Thankfulness for all we’ve been given, right? Which is why I’ve also been blessed with an opportunity to encourage people to give back some of what they have.

The Bearded Bloggers campaign was created to raise money for Charity: Water, giving clean, good drinking water to those who desperately need it. Thanks to YOU, we have OFFICIALLY REACHED OUR GOAL! 30 donations, one for each day of the month, brought in 1,001 dollars (and counting!), all for a wonderful cause.

THANK YOU. Sincerely. From the bottom of the hearts of all those involved. Read More…

TCL Returns

In case you missed it this week, The Courtesy Laugh returned to tickle your ears with little bits of joy.

Along with our reintroduction to the world, we’ve made a brand-spanking (in a way that isn’t child abuse in case you’re super sensative about that stuff)-new YouTube Channel! All of our sessions will be recorded, with full video episodes being uploaded along with their audio cousins.

This ALSO allows us to create swell little videos for your enjoyment such as THESE:

OH AND DID WE MENTION that if you go over to our Facebook page, you can enter to win a The Courtesy Laugh t-shirt? Also, how weird was it to read “a The” together?

As always, you can listen to the whole episode by checking out The Courtesy Laugh on iTunes.

The Greatest Gift Reddit Has Ever Given Us

I don’t enjoy Reddit very often, but this could be the best thing on the internet. Ever wanted to see celebrities without their necks?

Of course you have

Click the photo to enjoy, and enjoy your weekend.

Funk Is Awesome

I’m helping you start your week right. Trust me on this. This is more than just a lazy post because nothing new went up last week. This is a lazy post that will remind you of all that is enjoyable and right with the world. A reminder that the right amount of Funk can SAVE THE WORLD. Read More…

TCL Voiceovers

So you guys know about that podcast I’m in, right? Of course you do, otherwise we wouldn’t be friends any more.

Anyways, here is a video promoting it. Show it to all 7 of your friends so they know that they should be listening to The Courtesy Laugh.

And new episodes are coming, I promise. Just as soon as we remember where we misplaced Tyler Tarver….

Eating Is Awesome

I think the problem with the world is that none of us love anything as much as this guy loves a meal from 5 Guys.