My Journey To Connect With Myself

I was in the oh-so-typical existential Thursday mood last week, so I search around Facebook for a while in an attempt to discover what life was all about.

I wandered over to a friend’s profile (okay, so it was Amanda’s, if anyone is curious) and happened to notice something odd. No, it wasn’t the appearance of Stanton Martin. It was the person right above him.


Also none of her friends have names. Weird, huh?

It gave me a very unique opportunity, as you can probably guess. I suddenly had the option to befriend myself. I mean, I already had 1,143 mutual friends with me, so why not?

Can you imagine the potential? Being able to truly know oneself; to truly befriend oneself….it leads to an entire world of enlightenment. This was a chance that I could not pass up (once I took a screenshot, of course).

So after pondering the potential problems this could cause in the space/time continuum, I decided to just go for it. With a trembling hand, I placed the tiny arrow on the +1 sign and clicked….

And was greeted by this humbling message:

Reality is a harsh mistress

While the only option given to me was to click “Okay”, there was no way I was actually okay with this. After all, I had right at my fingertips what seemed to be a chance to figure things out. Make myself a better person by better understanding myself. But the truth was laid out to me in simple blue and white.

You cannot connect to yourself. There will be parts of you that will always be a mystery, even to yourself. Sometimes, no matter what all the feel-good philosophies in the world tell you, the truth of the matter is that you’ll never fully “get in touch” with yourself.

Life will hand you an error message. Because when you focus so far inward, this is what happens.


14 thoughts on “My Journey To Connect With Myself

  1. The two wonderful women above you are posing the same way and they don’t even KNOW each other. Facebook is AWESOME.

    This is the deepest post you’ve ever written.

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