Getting Political

Today, I break my silence on the issue of politics. The way I see it, the two things that most frequently drive wedges between people are politics and sports. Since nobody REALLY cares about politics, I stick with sports.

That being said, head over to Ricky Anderson’s lovely site to read about how I think politics SHOULD be handled.

Other notes from the week:

  • My dear friend Stanton Martin actually posted something this week! As you may recall, Stanton is currently across the country in Portland, Oregon, working with an organization called These Numbers Have Faces, which I think has something to do with math. Because of this, he doesn’t have time to blog frequently, as if moving across the country to a place you’ve never been so you can start doing a job you’ve never done before actually takes up THAT much time. But speaking of time, take the time to go read what he wrote about having a voice and eating it too.
  • Another good friend, Chandler, and I will be going to see the Avett Brothers in concert next month. This is notable because Chandler has been to roughly 1,000,000 Avett shows, whilst I still believe they are a myth.
  • Speaking of going places, it’s only ONE WEEK until the Killer Tribes conference! Never before have I felt so comfortable driving by myself to a city I haven’t spent much time in so I can hang out with people I’ve never met. Will you be there?

What are you up to this weekend? Anything happen this week you want to share? How much would I have to pay you in order for you to name a child after me?


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