Where Young People Go To Retire

A little under a year ago, my then-roommate Stanton Martin and I decided for some reason it would be a good idea to blog.

After a few months of preparation and planning, and after he had moved out and I had learned how to read and write, we started writing. Neither of us really expected the amount of stuff that would happen between then and now, but it’s pretty cool knowing just how much blogging, social media, and the internet in general has impacted our lives.

For example, for a long time, I was Stanton’s “co-worker”, serving as the only sane person he had to communicate with while working at what seemed to be the worst office in the world. Through the power of the internet, we were able to chat throughout the workdays, helping each other survive.

Stanton was let go/fired/something just after a year of working there. Typically, his company would give a little paperweight to employees who had been there a year to commemorate this. Stanton just took one when he left. He then gave it to me, as a “thank you” for being sane.

It’s honestly one of the best things anyone had ever given me:

"You make the difference" - The most uninspiring phrase ever uttered

So here we are, a little under a year since we broke into the world of the Internet, and also a little over a year since Stanton bought a better TV than me. And it has been a very interesting several months.

Today, Stanton Martin begins the trek out west, moving to Portland, Oregon to work with a non-profit for some time. I’m sure he can tell you more about that if you ask. Here’s what I can tell you about:

I’ve known Stanton for six years now, ever since he was a college freshman two years older than me, the sophomore who was leading his freshman orientation group. There were two tolerable people in that entire group. Stanton was a close third.

Since then, we’ve gone through interesting times: school work, work work, breakups with girlfriends, meeting new girlfriends, breaking up with those girlfriends, and even possibly liking the same girl at the same time, WHO’S TO KNOW.

A lot goes on in six years, and ultimately, I knew that whatever was happening, I had a friend in Stanton who would always be willing to have some real talk. Those friends are invaluable.

So my former roommate, former “co-worker”, and current close friend is moving away. But it’s not really sad.

After all, communication is easy these days. Besides such creations as Facebook and Twitter, we still have chatting capabilities and even the power of video calling. It’s crazy to think about just how simple it is to keep in touch with people all over the world.

And quite honestly, I would not have embraced social media as much without my friend Stanton. I mean, without him, I never would have even started the stupid blog that I’m writing this on.


Even crazier to think about all the stuff that HAS gone on since starting this “writing” thing. Both of our lives would be entirely different without it. We would never have been connected with such an incredible circle of people who read and write together, and honestly, Stanton probably wouldn’t be heading to Portland for a little while.

So good luck out there, Stanton. The dream of the 90’s is alive in Portland, and I’m sure your time there will be great. The Dirty South will anxiously await your return.

No matter what happens, we’ll always have blogging.

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19 thoughts on “Where Young People Go To Retire

      1. feel free to eat and drink at any and all McMenamin’s. they take many forms; restaurants, pubs, movie theaters, poor farm turned bed and breakfast. you’ll thanks me.

        get your coffee from Stumptown and your donuts from Voodoo.

        plan on spending at least a full day in Powell’s Books the first time you go.

        eat at the street vendors with confidence.

        don’t give money to the guy standing outside Voodoo Donuts who is always on his cell phone.

        eat at Burgerville. hands down the best fast food you will ever eat. and yes, that includes In N’ Out Burger.

        don’t wear bedazzled jeans. you’ll get beat up.

        that should get you started.

  1. You were roommates with Stanton Martin? I kind of feel like at some point I’m going to learn that every blogger I’ve interacted with thus far lives in a house with or dates you.
    Hey you should start a blog with this idea in mind, where, like, different bloggers contribute all under the umbrella of one central blog.

  2. stanton leaving is just the next step in my diabolical plan to take over the single, mid 20s social scene in jackson. YOU ARE ALL COMING UNDER MY COMMAND.

    seriously though, i’m bummed he’s moving. but a little jealous too.

  3. This made me tear up. The onions I’m chopping for a sandwich while reading this, that is.

    Just visited Portland en route to Seattle last week. Pretty cool place. I’m sure the Stantonized version will be all the cooler.

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