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Once In A Lifetime (Same As It Ever Was)

Yeah you know by now that I went to the UK and wrote about it. That’s cool. Here’s the next post in the series and if you wanna start over you can go here.

March 9


I sometimes play a game in my head entitled “Can I Touch That?” where I try to guess, entirely in my mind, whether I could touch a nearby object.

Maybe it’s something that’s fairly tall and I wonder if I could jump that high. Maybe it’s something that looks dangerous and I wonder if it would kill me. Either way, many times when I’m out in public and I’m zoning out, I’m actually playing Can I Touch That? in my head. And it makes me wonder if I need to go to therapy. Read More…

Girls Chase Boys

I took a trip to the United Kingdom to watch some soccer. Then all our plans got messed up about two weeks before we went and we had to change the soccer we were watching. Either way, it was a good trip and I wrote a lot of stuff down in a running diary and I’m sharing. The start of the trip is here. Also I took parts of this and turned into the post “Brighton Is For (Soccer) Lovers” at AGSH.

March 8


“Well, if we walk far enough this way, we’ll get to the beach.”

This was the statement my traveling companion Zach made when we stepped out of the train station in Brighton. Zach is a planning type of person, who wants to make sure that everything happens the way it is supposed to. This day, though, was resigned to admitting that our plans were pretty much shot and this would be a day of shrugging and seeing where the road led. Read More…

Sleep Forever

Last week, I was in some other country somewhere. Wild, right? I kept a running diary of how things were going and my thoughts and whatnot, and I liked it enough to want to share. This is the second day, and the first day is here.

March 7


I want to spend my birthday in bed. I don’t care that I just landed in another country. I just want to sleep forever.

My birthday started somewhere over the ocean, but with time zone changes and everything I’m a little unsure when it actually happened. I guess it truly started when we finally landed in Manchester. We weren’t supposed to be in Manchester. We were supposed to fly to London, but delayed flights meant rescheduling and rerouting and somehow we ended up in Manchester. I don’t know anything about this city other than the fact it houses two soccer clubs I hate and that the only likeable character in Downton Abbey was from here, but they killed him. That show sucks. Read More…

Behind Blue Eyes

I just took a trip to the UK, which as it turns out is not just a school in Lexington with the most disgusting fanbase in college basketball. I wrote down my thoughts each day, and the thought progression ended up being pretty cool. So I’m going to share it.

March 6


Airports can be very strange, isolating places, but to me they seem very familiar. Everything about them is this funny little culture to me. The people gathered in one place with no connection with each other except the fact that they are trying to get to somewhere else. We’re all trying to get somewhere else. We have to get somewhere. Read More…

Building Blocks

I come from a long line of brick masons and builders, which is probably why I often feel so unimportant sitting at the keyboard of a tiny laptop.

My mother comes from a small town in south Mississippi; a place where those builders in her family have been active for a long, long time. She told me this past weekend that her grandfather built the school her father attended, her father built the school that she and her siblings attended, and her brother and his son helped build the current high school. Four generations of one family, laying down the building blocks for the future of the town.

They had the blessing of physically laying blocks down. It’s rare, as we often don’t see the non-physical building blocks that we place every single day through our actions. Read More…


Excuses and reasons,
And now ’tis the season
for all that I never got right.

All that I’ve got is tonight.

The weather refuses to feel like winter. It lingers in its uniquely awkward southeastern style, sitting somewhere between cool and warm and looking overall depressing. It’s like visiting Seattle, but if Seattle was less depressed and more bipolar.

I sometimes wish that Mississippi had seasons other than “Hot” and “Not as hot”, but there is some bit of charm to be found in the few weeks we try to pass off as Autumn. The roads are accented with the bright reds and yellows of the leaves in their brief colorful time. But their struggle isn’t just against the very small amount of time the weather gives them to show off. It’s  a struggle to be seen at all as they are buried behind the persistent evergreens.

Evergreens. So many of them here, keeping December green. Living year round. Read More…

Even If I Come Back, Even If I Die

I would like to think that I have a pretty good grasp on understanding things. That’s a total mistake of me to assume that, but I would like to think it regardless.

There always existed some part of me that believed the older I got, the more things would make sense. Of course, anyone who is considered an adult knows that years past are always viewed as being “a simpler time”. And it’s true, because each passing day seems to bring more complications. More bills to pay or responsibilities to fall short in or ways to offend and hurt people. Maybe not always struggles and maybe not always pain, but always more complication. Read More…