Bearded Finish/New Favorite Websites

It’s crazy to think that just a month ago, I looked like this:


But now, after a month of hard work, I have finally regained that rugged look I so desperately need. Just one month. That’s all it took to regain my charm:


So what has this month been all about, ultimately? It’s November, which means we focus on Thankfulness for all we’ve been given, right? Which is why I’ve also been blessed with an opportunity to encourage people to give back some of what they have.

The Bearded Bloggers campaign was created to raise money for Charity: Water, giving clean, good drinking water to those who desperately need it. Thanks to YOU, we have OFFICIALLY REACHED OUR GOAL! 30 donations, one for each day of the month, brought in 1,001 dollars (and counting!), all for a wonderful cause.

THANK YOU. Sincerely. From the bottom of the hearts of all those involved.

On that note, I want to share with you some weekend joy. Here are two websites I just discovered that warm my soul so very much.

1. Enjoy things that just don’t make any sense? Than you’ll love The Worst Things For Sale, a collection of dumb items discovered on the gigantic dumb store known as the Internet. (Be warned: salty language sometimes occurs ‘n stuff)

2. Enjoy everything that is good and right in this world? Then there’s no reason you’re not playing Dikembe Mutombo’s 4 and 1/2 Weeks To Save The World. The intro/theme song alone make it the greatest internet game ever created. Easily.

Have a good weekend, children.


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