For Better Or Worse….

Here is what the next few weeks will look like, guys.

Starting on Monday, I will post chapter one of a story I’ve written called The Other One. It’s a story about a son returning home for Christmas, and will be posted serial-style, with the next chapter going up every day until the end of the year.

I’ve never done anything like this. I’ve made short films and stupid YouTube videos and written a lot of nonsense, but I’ve never finished a work of fiction and made it public for all the world to see.

Because of this, I’m terribly nervous. Maybe the story sucks. Maybe the dialog is crap (spoiler alert! It pretty much is). Maybe it’ll be riddled with grammatical errors. There is a really solid chance you will not enjoy a single second of it and will disown me as a friend. I understand that.

But I feel like, for better or for worse, I just need to do this because it’s nothing I’ve ever done before. There’s also a really solid chance that I’ll hate it, but whatever. I need to complete what I’ve started, and if you feel like joining in, that’s cool too.

So come back Monday for chapter one of The Other One. Or don’t. It’s up to you. But regardless, if you’re reading this, then you have blessed me with far more attention than I deserve to have, and I am grateful.

So uhh….yeah, that’s the end of this post.


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