“He will make all things sad untrue.” – The Jesus Storybook Bible

Three things are promised to believers: justification, sanctification, and glorification.

We are prone to forget the third, of course, as we live in the world of the “already but not yet” kingdom of God. We are thankful for saving grace. We struggle through spiritual growth. But we forget the glory that is to come because it seems so far away.

Today, it seems so much farther.

Today is not a day of judgement. People will kill people each and every day, regardless of the means. Cain didn’t have a gun. Genocide occurred before WWII. But who are we to pass judgement on this man? Aren’t we all victims of the sinful tugging of our hearts, regardless of how terrible the deed is? Our pasts are too filthy to contemplate judgement today, lest we forget our need of forgiveness.

Today is not a day of mercy. Today is anything but that, as the horrible things that we can’t ever imagine happen before our very eyes. Today is the day when we reflect on the words, “whatever you do for the least of these” and wonder how heavy our Father’s heart must be. To know that we have found a situation where even the most pious man must wonder if Jesus could forgive. Our hearts are too heavy to contemplate mercy today.

Yet today is not a day of wondering, for those who find their salvation in the Cross. The world will look at these deeds and despair, thinking the transgressor escaped punishment by taking his life. Those who find shelter in Christ know that, sadly, there is much more punishment ahead of him now. What is so confusing to the world, as to where justice is in all of this, is actually the secret to the Christian’s peace.

This is not the end. There is so much more to come. We know that despite the horrible destruction that exists in this broken realm, it is not what is ultimately true for the believer. We hear his words of, “Yes, I am coming quickly” and we echo the cry of “Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.”

Today is not a day of judgement, for there is too much filth. Today is not a day of mercy, for there is too much sadness. Today is not a day of wondering, for there is too much hope.

Today, dear children, is a day of mourning, and of crying out, “Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.”

Come, and make all that is sad untrue.


4 thoughts on “Glory

  1. Nice thoughts on this terrible day. On days like this it’s easy to simply agree with the old saying about the world going to Hell in a hand basket, but we’ve gotta remember there will be a day when the world is made new and all shall be explained and understood. C. S. Lewis once wrote, “I know now why you have no answer. Because in the light of your face all questions fade away.”

  2. Catching up on all that is Greatest in the days to come after a hectic holiday season.

    You have a beautiful heart. It bleeds so seamlessly onto the page. Screen. Whatever.

    This post is gonna stick with me for quite some time.

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