Dot Your Q’s and Cross Your A’s

Remember February? Me either.  But apparently on Valentine’s Day, I helped out with a relationship Q&A that was posted over on ol’ Rob Shepherd’s site.

BUT WAIT APPARENTLY THAT WASN’T ALL. That’s right, there were questions submitted that we didn’t have room to answer in the initial post or something like that. So thankfully, somebody put them up on the internet somewhere! GO CHECK THINGS OUT, KIDS

With that out of the way, for more reading material, feel free to wander over to The Isle of Man to check out Kevin Haggerty’s newly released e-book An Idiot’s Guide to the Galaxy. In this book, Kevin outlines such things as tying a bowtie, filing for bankruptcy, spelling “bankruptcy” correctly on the first try, and other things that I doubt he actually wrote because I haven’t read it yet. Also, I’m a terrible person.

Enjoy your Monday. I knew it was going to rain today but was too lazy to put the windows on my Jeep because I knew it would just dry out eventually. Welcome to my life.


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