2011 has been the most successful year in the history of The Greatest Blog Of All Time. Because of that, it was probably the most successful year in your life, as well. In all likelihood, you sat around the table with your family at Thanksgiving this year and expressed how grateful you were that The GBOAT existed. It’s fine to admit.

Thanks for reading. Seriously. It’s been fun embracing the absurdity of life and writing about it. Hopefully you enjoyed reading it. Maybe you learned something. Probably you didn’t.

But at the very least, hopefully you were entertained. And that’s really the point.

The GBOAT is on vacation this week. And it’s like three days after Christmas, so you probably don’t care reading new material today. And if you are, you probably have some familial issues to work through.

If you’re bored, then read these old posts you may have missed that are some of my favorites I wrote. It will only be a slight waste of your time.

HistoryThe post that started it all. Also the only post I’ve ever been proud of.

SheepBest twist ending ever.

The Motivation of MercyOnce upon a time, I wrote a serious post about some crap I was trying to wrap my head around. In the process, I quoted a rap song a lot, which is funny to me.

Tyrannosaurus RexStanton Martin (R.I.P.) wrote this amazing essay that is the most popular post ever. However, it’s only that way because at least once a day somebody searches for “T-Rex” and lands here.

My Left HandA good story, if by good I mean “Man, I wish that didn’t happen.”

Happy New Year ‘n stuff.

What about you? Feel like sharing something? Did I write something that you could actually sit through? What’s your New Years Resolution? Will you be my friend?


4 thoughts on “2011

  1. I did learn about Krampus, and have made a note to promote him over Santa when I have kids, as a sort of show of “let’s get your act together or else” as opposed to having to save money for gifts and candy canes and what not. So I appreciate that.

  2. I wasn’t with my family at Thanksgiving, but I made sure to discuss our collective gratefulness of TGBOAT on Christmas morning.

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