Too Lazy For A Real Post

I wanted to post today. I really did. I had an entire post lined up and everything. But the weekend was busy and it never developed. But I want you to have something to look at. Here’s some nonsense.

– Apparently at least one person reached The Greatest Blog Of All Time by searching for “the great destroyer of worlds”. That is now a nickname for the site or for me. Either way, I’m claiming it.

– Some people forget about my YouTube Channel. And by “some people” I mean myself. But it’s got some classic videos, such as Belcraven College, Coming Attractions and The Parchman Series. Oh, and this thing:

– Speaking of videos, it’s worth showing this Borrowed Production, a project I was a part of with acclaimed French director Henri Taloure Monet Latrec Boulle Matisse. We were working on a longer project when Henri was mysteriously deported. Therefore, we’re left with only Battu en Haut Avec la Fumee, aka “Beat up with smoke”

– I used to live with Stanton Martin. I can honestly say that out of his 7 Things Prior Roommates Have Stolen From Me, I only took his faith in humanity. Look for a post involving me, him, and pizza on Friday.

Tripp Crosby is a funny guy. If this isn’t the funniest story you’ve read today, then I’d like to know what exactly you’re reading. Cause it sounds great.

– Every weekday since 2003, Ryan Q. North has put out Dinosaur Comics using the same 6 panels, all for my entertainment. And yours. And everybody’s.

– I was recently contacted by this dude Ben Crosthwaite. He makes music. He is also combining his efforts to acquire new solid recording equipment with helping provide clean drinking water in areas that need it. If you like supporting independent musicians and also enjoy drinking water, you probably want to check this out.

Get ready for a stellar Craven On…. post this Wednesday. It’ll be stellar because I say it will.

Tell your friends.


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