Lunch With: Tyler Blount

Today, The Greatest Blog Of All Time debuts a new feature. The concept is simple: conduct an interview over lunch, when the subject could not be LESS interested in the interview. Hope you enjoy.

Nobody wants the nickname TB. So Tyler Blount went by BT.

Tyler wants you to know that he is a 34 year old architect. He built several of the hotels on the beach that are made of sand. But they may not be there anymore cause the tide came in this morning. =/

Also, none of that is true.

Tyler is a close friend of mine. I have known him since we were in grade school. He currently works as an accountant at W. Mitchell Blount, CPA in Clinton, MS. He was the reason I ever started making stupid movies. Tyler and his wife, Jenny, have been married for two happy years. We can safely assume he has nothing to do with the success of their relationship.

Tyler has Cystic Fibrosis. This disease causes a mutation in a protein called the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator. The CFTCR gene helps regulate things such as mucus in the lungs and digestive juices. CF causes severe respiratory and digestive problems.. The life expectancy for someone with CF is somewhere up to 40 years.

You don’t see that fact when you look at Tyler. Actually, you can’t see it. Never once has CF dominated his life. He greets every new day with the same energy and humor that he has shown his entire life. His faith in God allows him to live his life in a way that isn’t defined by CF.

His faith and attitude have always had a huge impact on me. I consider three people I know to be heroes of mine. Tyler is easily one of them.

Just don’t tell him that.

Have an interview subject or idea in mind? Or would you like to be interviewed? Drop some feedback!


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