The G(F)BOAT: Warmed Up Pizza

The Greatest Blog Of All Time is super friggin excited to announce the launch of The Greatest (Food) Blog Of All Time!

Now I know what you’re thinking: IT’S ABOUT TIME, MAN. This is a situation in which it’s crucial to have that comma there, otherwise, you’re talking about a superhero with a watch.

But you’re probably also thinking that there are a LOT of food blogs out there. Why should you consider this one? Well it’s simple: no other food blog will give you the raw connection and energy that you will get with The G(F)BOAT. Other food blogs will tell you how awesome the person making the food is. The G(F)BOAT? It will remind you how awesome YOU are for reading this food blog written by such an awesome person.

Excited? You SHOULD be. This sentence is in ITALICS.

Well let’s start this journey, children. The food won’t cook itself.

I hope, at least.

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