Veni, Veni

I have a stupid Christmas tradition that I started a year ago and hold dearly. Can you call something a tradition if you only started it a year ago? And really, it’s more of an “end of the year” tradition, I guess. Doesn’t matter. It’s a Christmas tradition now and I’m standing by that.

See, I take off of work from the week of Christmas until the new year rolls around. I might drive somewhere out of town or do something special during that time. For the most part, though, all I do is watch the movie Four Brothers as often as possible. I take it with me whenever I go somewhere, especially friends’ houses, and I ask them frequently if they would like to watch it with me. I bring it up quite a bit. My friends are rarely amused by this.

It’s funny to me. And it’s stupid and quite honestly I’m sure it annoys everyone I talk to but at the end of the day it is something I do and something I think it is funny. And if there is one thing that is true about me, it’s that I will go fully in on something I find to be funny, regardless of whether or anyone feels the same.

Perhaps that’s why it’s become a tradition: it allows me to end the year entirely on my own terms. Not terms dictated by the pressures at work, and not terms dictated by the social pressures surrounding me at all times. It’s my own stupid way of embracing what is, for me at least, the most insecure time of the year. Continue reading “Veni, Veni”

Will You Be My Friend?

“If you can poke a friend on Facebook, you can poke a friend in real life.”

That’s my motto.

This idea stems from a universal rule, which simply states that if it can be done in the realm of Facebook, Twitter, and the Blogosphere, it should be done in real life as well. Instead of wasting all that valuable time trying to distinguish the lines between social media and real life, I’ve come up with a much simpler solution: completely blur whatever lines already exist.

Is there really any need to spend so much frivolous time worrying about which dimension of reality you’re in? I mean, if Google is going to turn me into a cyborg in the near future anyways, I might as well just embrace the fact that life is about to get real weird, and start easing myself into a lifestyle that resembles the next sci-fi flick starring the Governator.

Dear Google: Consider THIS as a possible prototype. You're welcome.

So as we look into the future of completely blending our internet lives with our real lives, here are some tips on how you can treat all of your friends – whether on Facebook, Twitter, or in person – exactly the same:  Continue reading “Will You Be My Friend?”