TCL Ep. 3 Preview

In case you’ve been living under a rock, or if I just haven’t told you yet, I’m a part of a brilliant little podcast called The Courtesy Laugh. When I say “brilliant”, I really mean “mediocre at BEST”. Go listen if you haven’t yet, as you can find it on Tumblr and even iTunes.

In the interest of job security, because I’m certainly not funny on the podcast, it’s my job to edit everything together into an episode. This is great, because I get to also create little promo/filler clips in the process. And then I can share them with you, like this:

Knox makes a pun.

And when the internet messes up, we mock each other!

New episodes go up on Tuesdays, so remember the check out The Courtesy Laugh tomorrow for all the goodness you could ever want.

And be sure to follow TCL on Twitter, and like our Facebook page!


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