When I Ruled The Internet

I had planned to put up a video today that was pretty funny and involved a roommate of mine and also Mandie Marie and Canada and stuff. But my computer likes to overheat for some reason and I was too lazy to try again.

Instead, I’m going to totally plug all the areas in which I appeared on the Internet over the past two weeks. Cause apparently it happened a lot. So without further ado about nothing, here’s a super lazy list of where I appeared, and also why you should check out all the sites I appeared on:

  • A History Of Violence was an essay I wrote for Ricky Anderson, about how much I’m in favor of killing people. It was sloppy work, but I enjoyed it. Ricky is a very funny man who lives out in a desert somewhere. I always enjoy his writing, as well as his keeping me company on Google Chat during the workday. It should be noted that I did NOT enjoy the movie entitled “A History Of Violence.” Too much Viggo butt in it.
  • Speaking of Viggo butt Ricky Anderson, Ricky also had a Q&A with Kevin and Stephen Haggerty, a pair of blogging brothers. I made a small appearance in it, due to one of the Super Haggerty Bros. not answering one of the questions. Ricky, being the funny/tricky man he is, promised that I would write a guest post for whoever guessed correctly or something I dunno. Either way, he never told me who I was supposed to write for, so I feel like I’m off the hook.
  • Speaking of being off the hook, I also sat down for one OFF TEH HOOK interview with the aforementioned Kevin Haggerty, over at The Isle Of Man. We discussed my ego and drinking from straws. I also followed a very clear patter with my answers of being a jerk, then answering seriously. I’m so funny. Kevin is a cool cat with a funny blog where along with his interviews, he writes funny or even insightful stuff and also does internet compilation posts on Fridays. Also, he looks so friendly and approachable in his header photo.
  • Speaking of looking friendly and approachable, I was blackmailed into writing a post for Stephen Haggerty about Understanding. I tried to be slightly insightful about it, so just fair warning, it sucks. Anyways, Stephen is an awesome and very funny dude who has a beard and a band. He is also cool because he promised to write stuff for me every now and then, which is more than most of you losers can say.
  • Speaking of losers, I’m sorry for calling you that. Hey, did you see Tyler Tarver wrote a book and apparently I’m part of the prizes of the giveaway he is having that he detailed over here in this post?

I probably appeared in other places too, but those are the ones worth mentioning because they are the places I want you to check out the most. But quick shout-out to JButt who had a great recap of the Killer Tribes conference, and also Knox at TV Asylum, who called me a turd-wagon yesterday. I feel like that phrase is going to become a thing now.

Anyways, can you tell I only wrote this post because I wanted to put something up every day this week? Hope that wasn’t too obvious.

What was the best thing I did in the past two weeks? Feel free to say nothing and that you don’t like me much.


12 thoughts on “When I Ruled The Internet

  1. You’re off the hook for now, but only because nobody bothered to guess which response was yours. If anybody guesses, you’ll have to write them a post.

    Maybe people took it as more of a threat than a prize…

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