My Birthday


I don’t really like my birthday too much. Well, let me rephrase that. I like it. I don’t really put much emphasis on it, though. It’s not that I have anything against getting older or anything. It’s just that when it’s your birthday, people pay a LOT of attention to you. There’s a lot of text messages and Facebook wall posts and phone calls. To be quite honest, I don’t like that much attention.

Now, I could go off on a lengthy explanation of how that’s a weird thing because I run a blog that I actively try to promote and blah blah blah, but it’s true. I don’t really enjoy having attention drawn to myself. I just planned on having a stupid post about how celebrating birthdays is kind of weird and then if people wanted to draw conclusions about it, they could.

But then this happened.

I had no clue that I would wake up and have an 11 and a half minute long video full of people I’ve never actually met (and a few I have) wishing me a happy birthday. And it was amazing. I can’t really express the warm and fuzzy feelings I got from watching.

The point is: you guys are awesome, and I’m quite thankful for you. Between such great highlights as an angry Bryan Allain and young McCoy exposing me for being a pirate, I’m not sure I’ll ever get tired of watching it.

So this post is actually just a thank you letter. A thank you to Knox, Katie, JButt, Jared, Rob, Ricky, MP, TMZ, Jamie, Matt, Tarver, Stanton, angry Bryan, Tony and Katie, Mark and Esther, and of course to Papa Bee, Mama Bee, and all the little Bees who made appearances. You guys made my day.

In case anyone is curious, my parents bought me Italian food and new bedding for my birthday. That’s right. Bedding. Sheets ‘n stuff. For Christmas, they gave me an office chair. Somewhere, 8 year old me is weeping openly.

Communication in the Internet Age is really funny. It’s weird how there are a bunch of people out there that I’ve never spent time with in person but I quite honestly feel connected with. Jared Hollier tweeted the other day that no matter how weird it sounds, he really does love his internet friends. I agree. You guys are great, and I am honestly blessed to be included with the likes of you.

It’s weird, but we really are friends. Of course, in this day and age….well, this is what happens.

(Oh, and thanks, Amanda. I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?)


17 thoughts on “My Birthday

  1. That’s what I keep trying to tell some folks: Internet friends are real friends.

    Oh, and wait til you get older: your kids will give you the kind of presents that your folks laid on you (sheets, ties, soap on rope).

    My present to you? Letting you win at WWF (not really–you truly outplayed me).

  2. As your self-proclaimed BEST friend (Brett, Daniel, & I will settle this, cagematch-style, later. Daniel WILL cheat.) & man of negligible Internet presence, I’m offended that I was left out of the
    mentioned video. And no, this has nothing my inferiority complex & paranoia of being left out of everything. It everything to do with your birthday, which I also missed out on because I was busy getting paid to make music, but that’s neither here nor there. Rest assured, I will blog out my anger, despite that the blog is supposed to be about a worship band in a very official manner. And when that Canadian gets here, we’re gonna have a talk. About you. Specifically, your beard. Happy birthday.

    1. I look forward to our talk. And your tweets are protected so I couldn’t contact you. ALSO. You get to see Joseph’s beard in real life on a regular basis. So. IM SO SORRY.

  3. I enjoyed that video, and it wasn’t even my birthday (I pretended it was and it felt really, really good… so I can only imagine). Hope you and Amanda have a fun visit- all your internet friends are expecting some great vlog and blog material to come out of this!

  4. Since when do Pirates eat Italian food? Unless that was a metaphor like walk the plank.

    I’m just glad that no one commented on how my son’s voice for Sheriff Woody sounded moderately demonic.

  5. I know I wished you Happy Birthday on the video and it’s not really necessary to do again it here, but…

    Sheets are THE. BEST. Unless they’re paisley and 100 thread count. Then it might be time to emancipate from your parents.

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