Demon Fish, WCW, and Ticket Winner

Before you do anything else, just watch this video:

How did that make you feel?

Speaking of videos, last night, my friends Jason, Chandler and I spent a great deal of time watching awesome old videos from our days of loving WCW. Including this brilliant entrance I remember vividly.

Good times. Speaking of wrestling, I’ll always be saddened by the passing of the great Macho Man Randy Savage. What better way to honor the Macho Man than to put his head on the body of a dragon in the hit video game Skyrim?

Anyways, it’s time to announce who won the Killer Tribes Conference ticket I’m giving away. I put the names into a hat and drew one at random. The winner?

The one and only G Fresh, Matt Gates! Congrats, Matt.

Thank you to Bryan Allain for helping me give that thing away, and to all of you who entered to win. Don’t forget that it’s not too late to register for the conference! Just go to the site to get your ticket, and I’ll see you in March.

Did you ever watch wrestling in the 90’s? WCW or WWF? Who was your favorite? I’ll go first.


8 thoughts on “Demon Fish, WCW, and Ticket Winner

  1. I definitely watched an enormous amount of wrestling in high-school.

    Wasn’t into WCW during Sting’s hey-day but that entrance is amazing. And he was a great wrestler. It has also been interesting to see how he won’t go to the WWF regardless of that being where the dough is.

    My favourite entrance would have to be when I wrestled as MadDog McLeod ( in the high-school wrestling production we put together – with school funding and everything. In reality though would have to be when Jericho first debuted in the WWF with the Y2J gimmick and had a banter with the Rock.

    I would have to go with my favourite WCW guy being either Raven or Kanyon. For WWF it would’ve been the Rock.

    Funny that you should post on this, I have gone through a retro-wrestling watching phase lately with all of those WWF DVDs.

    RIP Macho Man, you will live on in the thumb-wrestler on my desk right now.

  2. I remember watching Wrestlemania III (AKA the best Wrestlemania ever) at a friend’s house during a birthday party sleepover when I was a kid.

    Also, suck it losers! I’m going to the Killer Tribes Conference for free!!! *Insert Truffle Shuffle here*

    1. I think it should be mandatory that you do this Truffle Shuffle as you approach any room/open space/group of people (particularly if I am in that group) during Killer Tribes. Thank you and goodnight.

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