Video Blogs

There’s really only one way to discuss Video Blogs. And that’s by making a Video Blog. Thus, The GBOAT presents:

The Greatest Vlog Of All Time

About The Joseph Craven

I'm tall, but not so tall that people point and stare.

19 responses to “Video Blogs”

  1. TMZ says :

    You should enter this vlog in vlog festivals and win vlogg awards. It was THAT VLOGGING GOOD.

  2. Burrill Strong (@sgtwolverine) says :

    I hereby formally request at least one vlog a month. This vlog has made the internet better.

  3. Mandie Marie says :

    I like that the 2×4 with the face made an appearance.

  4. Stephen Haggerty says :

    I like how this was political but not political. I get it- no explanation necessary πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  5. Ricky Anderson says :

    Which one were you?

  6. Jared Hollier says :

    I didn’t know my computer could do that. Is this what UTUBE is all about? It’s just like my TV, except it’s not sitting on top of my old, broken TV. Awesome.

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