Hey Guys, Remember What Happened Monday?

I wrote a really good post on Monday, so I’m excusing myself from writing anything today. But I will share a few things.

Before ANYTHING else gets said, I need to show you my new favorite YouTube channel. HowToDoAnythingTV is a highly informative channel that teaches you such great life lessons as how to put a glass bottle on a hard drive, and then how to subsequently remove said bottle from said hard drive.

Let’s take a look:

You’re welcome.

Hey by the way, do you like the song Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People? Of course you do. Do you like rap music? OF COURSE YOU DO.

Have you ever wished somebody would rap over Pumped Up Kicks? Yeah okay well here it is.

On a final note: the torrid love affair I’ve had with Careless Whisper by George Michael has all but come to a close after the Halloween party I went to dressed as this guy:

So with that, my cell phone ringtone is no longer Careless Whisper. It is now actually a very prominent song from my childhood.

BUT I’m willing to listen to ringtone suggestions in the comments. So answer the questions, kids!

What are you up to this weekend? And what is your ringtone and/or should be my ringtone? I’ll go first!


10 thoughts on “Hey Guys, Remember What Happened Monday?

  1. This weekend, I’m playing in the pit for a musical a local private high school is doing. I’m out of practice, and in NO WAY am I nervous about it.

    And this is my ringtone:

    If anyone comes up with something more awesome than that, I’ll consider changing.

  2. This Saturday I’m going to the Michigan International Speedway to photograph the high school cross country state championships. It’s really cool: they start the race in the infield and finish at the race track’s finish line (but on the grass, not on the pavement). I shot it last year and it was a lot of fun. A guy from my local high school has a real chance of winning this year, too, so it could be even more fun.

    I have a variety of ringtones I use for different people. Most of them are retro tv themes because I love old tv shows. My favorite ringtones: the Hawaii Five-0 theme song (the original, not the current rendition); the Magnum, P.I. theme song; the Knight Rider theme song; the Hockey Night in Canada theme song (again, the original); the A-Team theme song; the Emergency! closing credits song; an old-school Mario Kart song; and finally, maybe my favoritest favorite…the Price is Right fail horn.

    You’d think I’d make that the ringtone for people I don’t like, but that’s actually the ringtone for two of my best friends.

    Now that you have me thinking about old-school video game songs, though, I might have to find a way to get the C64 Archon song as a ringtone. It’s at the beginning of this video:

      1. Nah. That wasn’t a particularly good representation of the game. It was more of a representation of a guy with too much time on his hands showing how to beat it quickly. It was much more fun when you played against another person. My brothers used to have a great time playing that game. I enjoyed it, too, but I wasn’t very good at it.

  3. That YouTube channel is the greatest thing of life. So many helpful videos for tasks I’ve always wanted demonstrated for me.

    I’m the most boring person when it comes to ringtones considering mine’s been “vibrate” since the dawn of my phone’s existence.

    1. I was like that for a good chunk of my cell phone carrying days. Then I got a cool phone, and that changed, because I could make my own awful ringtones.

      My favorite, though, is my text message noise. I’ve had it for about 5 years. It’s a recording of somebody getting slapped. No one else in the world has this sound.

      Because I recorded it myself.

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