Power Outages

Yesterday was a struggle. I had a project at work that is due today that just was NOT coming together. Towards the end of the day, I was finally gaining momentum. Things were looking good. I got about 90% through with it.

Then the power went out.

The project I was working on was on some website, and there was no auto-save involved. That, combined with the fact that the internet at my house is down, lead to a complete and utter lack of inspiration.

So while I had this WONDERFUL post planned that would’ve offered great solutions to the debt crisis and even came up with a few new alternate energy sources, it didn’t develop. Now you’re stuck with a lazy post.

Be sure to click ALL of the links.

Don’t know if you noticed it, but I wrote a post for Stanton Martin Dot Com on Wednesday. It’s a Life Tip about Never Following a Sports Team. Ever. It’s satrical, sure, but a lot of it is also very very relevant to those of us who foolishly love sports.

Nobody mind me. I’m just going to start crying now.

Mute Math released a new video. Do you listen to Mute Math? If not, you’re a fool.

There is a reason why I picked a topic like Teddy Roosevelt to write about for these past few weeks. He’s a ridiculously fascinating character. But also, he’s a ridiculously fascinating character that I can get several posts out of. That saves me a lot of time that would have been spent researching different topics, looking for something to write about.

That time, children, has been spent on other projects. I’m working on (SPOILER ALERT) a short story. By definition, it might not actually be a short story. It might be a little bit longer than that. But regardless, I really like the idea, and maybe you will too.

On top of that, there are some changes to The GBOAT that I’ve been contemplating. If that develops well, I’ll tell you about it next week.

I realize a lot of people have been talking about this AWESOME Bad Lip Reading video about Rick Perry. I don’t think that other people have realized, however, just how great the other Bad Lip Reading videos are.

Happy Monsoon Day, everybody.

Hopefully you have been clicking every link, and therefore clicked the link earlier that just redirected you back to The GBOAT home page.

Hopefully you just did it again.

I want to introduce you to two real life friends of mine.

Chadwick Harman wrote a post for me last week that you might have read. It was apparently the most StumbleUponable (I just copyrighted that word) post ever written here. Pretty neat. Anyways, he and a couple other guys blog here.

Cassie Marcellino is my brilliant artist friend. She graduated from the same University (not college) as me back in the spring, and since then has been blogging every now and then about the life that follows. She does it in a brilliant way that only she can. Notice that the word brilliant has been used a few times. That’s for emphasis. Do yourself a favor, and check out her writing.

Fun fact: Whatever follows the words “Fun Fact” normally isn’t.

But anyways, fun fact: Stanton Martin and our friend Jason Bruce get more mail at my house than any of the residents.

With that, I bid you a fond farewell for now. As always, if you have a topic you’d like to hear about on one of these Wednesdays, let me know. If you’d like to write for me, let me know. If you would like to hang out sometime, then by all mean, let me know!

I will leave you with this photo of my roommate’s dog relaxing in his new favorite spot in the house.

He sat like this for a while, with a "What's so funny?" look on his face

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