Spam and Lynx

Here’s another Lazy Post to throw at you on the start of the week.

– I LOVE  spam comments. I cannot stress this enough. I don’t think you understand how much enjoyment I get from reading them. Here is a great one I received this past week, from frequent reader Heartburn Remedies:

“Hi, Thank you for this wonderful info. It was very helpful to me and to the one who read this page. You truly is a true writer!”

Let’s break this comment down, shall we?

  • The spam name is heartburn remedies. This seems useful, but at the same time, I feel like it could be a very short list:
    1. An antacid
    2. Just letting it ride
  • It was very helpful to them, AND the one reading it. Obviously, Mr. Remedies just got somebody to read it out loud to him. Probably because he was too busy dealing with heartburn. Therefore, it benefited him, the listener, and the person who was actually reading it. So lazy.
  • “You truly is a true writer!” And you truly is not, Mr. Remedies.

– The last time I told you to check out the Lynx to the side for more fun reading, one of you actually literally clicked every single link. Yes, I keep track of these things. And yes, I am impressed. Whoever you are….you should go outside more.

– I won a copy of Tyler Tarver’s book. I’m not sure how. Nor am I sure what to expect. I am told it is 300 pages long, which is 299.7 pages longer than my attention span. It should also be pointed out that Tyler Tarver loves Harry Potter, and since I’m not really much of a fan, he probably hates me. I hope we’re cool though.

Or it would be neat to start a rivalry. He seems sorta lanky and bearded, so we could always try to out lank and beard each other.

Anyways, expect a review of his book to be written soon. Will it be as good as the review I wrote for this book? No. It won’t. I can already promise you that.

– After writing this for a little bit, I realized that I gave this post the greatest title of all time. The GTOAT.

– My lil sister, Mary Palmer, moved to college out of state last week. Sad. She’s not actually my sister, but she is. You wouldn’t understand. Quick shout-out to her, and a quick link to the most perfect song ever made.

– The first time I ever heard that song I just linked to (Who Knows Who Cares by Local Natives), I was driving by myself to visit my younger brother at college. For reference, he is my actual younger brother.

I had just bought the album (which I also just linked. Don’t make me link it again), and it was my first time listening all the way through. That song finished right as I pulled into a gas station to stretch my legs.

I didn’t say a word the entire time I was at that station. Didn’t make eye contact with anybody. Just wandered through, bought a drink, and walked out. I got back in the car, backed up, and got back on the road, still in silence. I then promptly went “WHAT” and listened to Who Knows Who Cares five more times. It was then that I realized I never had to listen to another song ever again.

Anyways, here is a video of them performing while walking around in some market somewhere.

– It’s not that I don’t like Potter, Tyler Tarver. It’s just that I don’t get the appeal. Just so you know. Also, I taught a math class once. At a community college. I majored in Communications. They were DESPERATE.

Stanton Martin used some mad bracket action in his post last Friday on Stanton Martin Dot Com. It was MAD I TELL YOU.

– The US National Soccer Team gave coach Bob Bradley an extension last year, fired him last Thursday, and hired his replacement a day later. And we wonder why we can’t get good at soccer. At this point, it’s not a cultural thing, guys. The talent is getting there. It’s the fact that our soccer organization is run by an idiot. Two cents GIVEN.

– Click the Lynx for more fun reading potential.

Have a great Monday, and be sure to check back Wednesday for a VERY special post about a VERY special person.

P.S. “Special” doesn’t always mean “good”

P.P.S. I am SO SORRY for that last sentence.

P.P.P.S. It’s funny to keep adding P’s to P.S., but it actually makes sense. I mean, it IS a post-post-post script. It’s sensible AND practical.

Nathan Craven quote of the week: “Somebody once dared Daft Punk to end a song and they said ‘Uh-uh, it’s ON.”


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