Yeah, But….Why?

It doesn’t actually feel like all that long ago that we were so heavily involved in the weird Christian Blogging Circle.

I guess when I say “we” here I don’t necessarily mean you who are reading this or, really, any one person in particular. It seems somewhat important to point that out for whatever reason. There’s no subtext here. There’s nobody in mind as I write. Other than myself. Maybe all of us? Probably not important.

In those days, things began simply enough. I sat in an office and felt like I should be doing things that weren’t related to the office. It was full of paperwork and phone calls and all kinds of things that didn’t engage a significant amount of my personality. In the most basic of terms, I needed to create something, so I did. Continue reading “Yeah, But….Why?”

Worth A Thousand Words

20171224_005345A picture may be worth a thousand words, but no camera in the world can capture the black night sky with the richness of the human eye. It makes itself into a beautiful unexplainable mystery. The common stereotypical thing to do when flying somewhere is to post a picture of an airplane wing on social media so everyone knows that you’re better than they are. But the sight of a faint wing silhouette cutting between the stars in the sky and the sparse lights on the ground below is astounding and humbling and lonely, but in a pretty good way. Continue reading “Worth A Thousand Words”