Three Years Later

Three years and she still hasn’t figured out how hard she settled.

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This photo from yesterday is one of my favorite marriage photos now. 3 years ago, Ellie wouldn't have cared about a home entertainment system or knowing what Discord was. Now, when I tell her she should tune into the Dungeons and Daddies live stream through the stereo so she can be active on the Discord at the same time, she's all about it. Marriage is constantly growing together, trying to make efforts to understand each other better, trying to be in each other's worlds more. Somedays it involves spending intentional, specific hours of time together. Sometimes it's heading to the back of the house so she can fully enjoy her Ellie Evening without my clumsy self getting in the way and riling up the dogs. She won't ever care when I blather on about some sports story, I won't ever understand why we pay people to take our recycling. Ebbs and flows of marriage. We've made it three years now as we learn that balance. I provide toys for her to enjoy the entertainment, she makes sure I don't leave the house without forgetting to put on clothes. Three years in, and only getting better. Happy 3rd anniversary, Ellie Wise!

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