If I put this in a category, would you even notice?

The other night, I found myself sitting on the stairs leading off the back porch of a friends’ house alone while they’re out of town and I’m watching their dog. I wasn’t really thinking of anything in particular, but I did remember that I like writing and I haven’t done any in a while.

Actually, I’ve done a lot of writing over the past couple of years. Most of it is all for my own sake so it doesn’t ever see the light of internet. I originally started this website because I was working a decent job that offered no creative outlet. This and making the occasional YouTube video served as the creative outlet. For the past two years, though, I’ve had a job where I made those videos and people actually paid me for it, so there’s been no need for a creative outlet.

At least not in the same way. There have been side projects, including writing a few very large screenplays that I hope to actually film in the next year. And there’s the fact that I actually started my own small production company and for some reason didn’t actually tell anybody about it. 2016 was an odd year for sure.

Heck, it even bled into the Christmas season. I get really really excited at Christmas even as a near 30-year-old. I had work the morning of Christmas so the whole holiday had to wait. Then, I got several gifts that I already owned which was pretty hilarious and most of the time that would normally be spent with family ended up being spent with out of town friends or with that dog. Plus, it was 80 degrees outside. Doesn’t make a lot of sense. Either way, I never felt like I was actually experiencing Christmas as it happened. It never happened for me in the way it is supposed to.

An odd holiday, which is why I was sitting on the back steps I guess. Thinking about getting engaged (in the most adorable way if you haven’t seen it), starting my own business (and not telling anybody), going out of town to visit the future in-laws for two weeks. Lot going on.

2016 was a blur and one that a lot of people will probably say that it was the “worst year ever” or some hyperbolic nonsense that ignores the fact that there have been countless awful years in the past and there will be many more to come. It wasn’t bad from my perspective. But boy was it weird. Sports teams won a lot of things they weren’t supposed to and I got in the Christmas mood so much that I felt sad once it was done.

There are no promises about the year to come. At no point are we promised that we will accomplish the goals we set or that all our favorite celebrities will survive. Maybe that’s sad to think about but I don’t think so. It’s just the nature of things, and it presents more opportunities to accomplish things. We’re not promised anything. So why not do more while we know we can? Kiss the girl you want to kiss, but make sure she’s into that first. Seize the day like Newsies says, and be sure to go see it in theaters coming this Spring. And I dunno, maybe I’ll write more than just screenplays that you don’t know exist, and I hope you watch those too when I make them.

So much opportunity. Just don’t get too caught up moaning about 2016 and miss the fact that there’s a lot more stuff to do.

Merry Christmas. I think I missed it.


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