PODCAST: EPL Preview Show!

ROTC Sports

I haven’t linked to a podcast here in a while, but then again, I don’t write here often at all it seems.

I am VERY excited, though, to link to this podcast, because it’s a preview of one of my favorite things in the world: the English Premier League. My friends Zach Osborn and Alex Lebl join me to talk about some of the top teams from last season, trying to see if they’ve made the right moves to stay on top going into the new year.

Click here for a direct link to the episode, click here to find my sports podcast Running Out The Clock on iTunes, or click here for a really weird looking page that the show pops up on. Whatever works.

But wait, there’s more!

That’s right, I’m excited to announce the first ever spin-off from Running Out The Clock! “You’ll Never Talk Alone” will be a Liverpool oriented podcast from an American perspective. And that might just be cool!

Maybe you’re new to the League and want to better understand the club you’ve decided to follow. Maybe you’ve been a fan for years but don’t speak British, in which case you’ve got more issues to deal with than podcasts. Maybe you just want a new perspective on the team you love. I DON’T CARE what your reasoning is, I just want you to listen.

So keep up with YNTA news on the ROTC Twitter account, since we’ll be blowing up on Twitter and iTunes soon. And by “blowing up” I mean “appearing in very small doses”, not “actually popular”.


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