How To Be A Sports Fan: Support and Believe

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Always support. Always.

This entire post could probably be summed up just like that, but apparently I’m REQUIRING myself to wax philosophically for the next 1,000 words or so. I’m sorry in advance if this post isn’t quite as tongue-in-cheek as the previous HTBASF posts. I just feel like, with college football upon us now, this needs to be discussed. Here goes:

You want to be a sports fan? You want to ACTUALLY care for and support a particular team? Then be prepared to do just that.

Even if it means dealing with moments like this
Even if it means dealing with moments like this

It sounds simple, but I promise you that it isn’t. I once wrote a guest post for Stanton Martin’s now defunct about why nobody should EVER become a sports fan. It’s because cheering for a team is a lot like having a kid that you care for greatly but who occasionally, despite their best efforts, lets you down tremendously. Not only that, but when your child DOES let you down, a whole bunch of people you don’t even know will tell you how much your child sucks and how stupid your child is. And we won’t even discuss how it’s a little weird that they are allowed to say that about a kid. Or why everyone with an awful opinion about sports is given an opportunity to publish it.

Side note: there are places on the internet you're better off avoiding
Side note: there are places on the internet you’re better off avoiding

Does that sound appealing? Does the harassment and disappointment sound appealing at all? Of course not. Why would it? It’s stupid to care that much about something that will ultimately and inevitably disappoint you. Yet it’s what I do as a sports fan. It’s the insanity that all of us, as fans, accept every single year. It’s a truth I have to remind myself of before every season of anything starts up. It doesn’t matter if your team is playing for a championship or is struggling to even have a winning season, you have to be prepared to face the worst.

But most importantly, you MUST support them. Always.

You are not allowed to speak badly or disassociate yourself from them when things go poorly.  You have chosen to be their fan, you must stand beside them. You must be willing to admit when they perform poorly but still choose to have their backs regardless. You know that friend you have who does dumb stuff sometimes? Or maybe they have bad taste in music or movies so sometimes you ridicule them to their face because it’s fun? You still have their back through thick and thin. They’re your friend. You get in a barfight for them and then AFTERWARDS you tell them why it was a bad idea.

Rivalries will get petty. Where I am, I see a lot of fans of Ole Miss and Mississippi State arguing with each other. They take turns calling the routines that the other school has stupid. MSU fans say that the Ole Miss “Landshark” hand gesture is the dumbest thing in the world (It totally is) and Ole Miss fans make fun of MSU for putting #HAILSTATE in their endzone (It was actually a genius marketing campaign that, combined with introducing special one-game uniforms brings more national attention to the team and makes recruits more interested in playing there).

Seriously though, you gotta admit it was a pretty clever idea
Seriously though, you gotta admit it was a PRETTY clever idea from a marketing standpoint

The parenthetical statements are there for a reason. It’s going to be really easy to defend your own team and make fun of your rivals. I get it. But the point isn’t to be blind and biased in your support, but to not worry so much about the words of people who are obviously going to be biased against what you do.

That’s the same sort of thing you have to do for your team. Be real about their shortcomings, but not harsh. Have their back when it’s needed, but don’t be so focused on hating rivals that you overlook being a fan of your own. Be proud of the association you have with them, even when you feel they’ve let you down.

Even if they're owned by Jerry Jones
Even if they’re owned by Jerry Jones

Secondly, make sure you believe in them.

It doesn’t matter if they’re picked dead last in the nation. You have to go into the season PREPARED to be dead last in the nation, but believing they can beat any team they face. Did you catch that? I can repeat it if I need to. You have no reason to wander into a season blindly prophecying immense success, but you also have no reason to wander into a season blindly writing the team off before it starts.

You don’t always have to predict a win, but at least believe they are capable of it. Believe. It’s more worth it to have their backs and support them and end up losing than to be shocked by success. Trust me. It won’t always seem that way, but it absolutely is the truth.

No great coach will ever look at any game on his schedule and say, “Well, we’re going ahead and ruling that one out.” Doesn’t matter who they’re playing against. That’s dumb. Instead, they do whatever they can to both physically AND mentally convince their players that they are capable. That’s what makes the difference between a good coach and a great coach.

"Son, if you doubt again that we can win, I'll choke you." - Woody Hayes
“Son, if you doubt again that we can win, I’ll choke you. I’ll choke you right here and now.” – Woody Hayes

Don’t listen to your rivals. They’ll say that you’re going to lose every game. They’re saying that you shouldn’t even fake any hope in beating a particularly good team, even though (and this is important so pay attention) they start each season with the same hope you do. Don’t listen to them when they harass you when your team falls short. A few slight differences, and they would be in the same boat. And hopefully you would be gracious enough to remember that when they DO fall short, but let’s be honest, you probably won’t.

It won’t always be easy. But believe me, it will always be worth it. The lows will feel low, but the highs? They’re the highest. You’ll often be discouraged and wonder why you even care, but then you will remember that cold rainy night you stupidly sat through an entire game and saw one of the best comeback victories you had ever seen. You’ll watch the YouTube video of that wonderful and amazing moment you waited for when it all seemed hopeless.  You will sit through the rough seasons because the moments when you’re competing for the top spot feel that much more worth it.

Start each season believing your team can go undefeated. Stand by your team when they don’t. That’s what makes you not just a sports fan, but a GOOD fan. And if you look around, you’ll see that it’s the rarest form of fan around.

It won’t always be easy. But it will always, always, be worth it.


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Bulky fabrics, textured embellishments and structured, architectural elements should add volume in the right places (shoulders, hips or at the bottom hem) and cinch in accent areas (waist, chest, arms) for the most flattering shape.9. Big LegsIt’s not time to throw out your skinnies, but it is time to incorporate a broader pant into your wardrobe. Wide-leg pants vary in style, but the most popular choices for the catwalk were high-waist straight leg, super low-rise parachute and tapered capri pants. Pair with a fitted top to balance out the look and a skinny belt always helps to define a waist line. Voluminous pants in denim, velvet, and stretch sweater fleece are going to be the biggest hits next year.8. See-ThruFlowy sheers and see-through chiffons are always a staple for the spring. For day, you can get the look without offending anyone by wearing a lace cami slip underneath a sheer top or dress. For night, go bold with a transparent top and a sexy bra or go for a simple solid top and slightly sheer pants.7. Dripping In StyleThis super-simple trend perfects the “I’m not trying too hard” look with loose fits and a muted color palette. Limit the drapey pieces to under 3 at a time to avoid overdoing the layers. Sheers were seamlessly seen coming down the catwalk with a pair of chunky boots to add a little structure to the overall ensemble.Don’t drown your drapey look just because the sun’s out–keep your layered style by the pool with drapey cover-ups like this one from :6. RufflesEvery girl loves a garment with a little bounce to it. Get flirty with pretty ruffles that instantly add life to any outfit. These feminine adornments were often paired on the runway with leather and metal details to edge up the look. Opt for ultra-feminine with pretty curls and natural pale pink lips.5. All About OrangeIt’s insane to think about how much orange was incorporated into spring 2011 RTW collections. A vibrant coral orange is the perfect hue to add a pop of color into your new year. Compliment the sunny shade with more subdued colors like deep purple, navy or mocha brown to achieve a bright, yet cool and sophisticated, look.As for the guys, we know you’re not as inclined to…well…care…as much as the ladies do about upcoming trends. So here are some general themes and hot items happening in fashion right now that you should consider weaving into your rotation.4.Casual SlouchKeeping in line with the ladies, 2011 is all about looking effortlessly fashionable (read: e-a-s-y). So, yes, you can handle this one. Promise. The look is un-tucked but still tailored; so keep the fit somewhat close to the body, just opt for thin, “slouchy” fabrics that move and layer well. 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This ($130) is sporty, comes in vivid hues and has digital features that are great for the gym or other casual activities.If you’re looking for something that’s still sporty but a little more posh, check out this gorgeous ($675). In a gunmetal finish with a brushed, textured stainless steel accent around the face, it’s a stylish addition to any wardrobe.Have a very design-oriented recipient on your gift list? Check out the ($275.) With its sculptural face and Swiss quartz movement, it’s bound to be a crowd pleaser.For those who prefer a sleek timepiece with a leather strap, look no further than the ($350,) a modern timepiece with minimalist appeal.Of course, there’s always the fantasy watch, say it with me: “There’s no place like Chanel.” For someone who’s REALLY special, slap down the black card on a . At around $21,250, he’d better be worth it.Oh you and your sartorial shopping needs. When only the best will do (and when will anything LESS than that do, really?) you need to find outlets that will give you top-end merchandise and deliver fast to the door of the lucky person who made that all-important gift list. I understand completely, which is why you need to know about Net-A-Porter’s men’s site.Yes, please direct your attention to , a highly-curated set of beautiful clothing, accessories and the like for the stylish man. Never again worry about what to buy your boss, your father, grandfather or esteemed male with impeccable taste in your life (that would be YOU, hon.) The gift site has six major categories for your shopping ease and features everything from basics to high-ticket luxury accessories. The designer list is outstanding: , , , , and ,  just to name a few.So, if you’ve decided to look on the posh side of life this holiday, I’d check out the site. Oh, and be sure to pick up a thing or two for yourself. After all, charity does start at home. and boyfriend Michael Polish are engaged, this coming from the actress in a recent travel diary she did for This has not been reported yet as far as we know, so congratulations to the couple!Bosworth wrote a piece for the magazine’s online summer travel series on her trip to Seoul, and began her post by writing, “On our first day in Seoul, my fiancé, Michael Polish, and I venture out to discover Changdeokgung Palace.”The actress, 29, and director, 41, have been together for just over a year. Bosworth previously dated actors Orlando Bloom and Alexander Skarsgard, while Polish was married to makeup artist Jo Strettell and has a daughter Jasper.Twenty years. Two people. One Burberry ad?If you’re a “The Way We Were” fan who woke up early to watch the royal wedding today then you might want to be sitting down while you read this.The for the new Anne Hathaway pensive, romantic drama has hit the web, and this pot of tea is being served with a heaping tablespoon of received pronunciation drama. Let’s just say that this acting ensemble definitely passed their british accent final with flying colours.In addition to questionable dialects, “” is about Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Dexter (Jim Sturgess) two friends that have very special days together every July 15th. Also I’m pretty sure Patricia Clarkson dies in it. (spoiler alert cancer head scarf alert)“One Day” is being directed by Lone Scherfig, who recently directed “An Education.” It is based on the bestselling novel by David Nicholls. Watch the trailer and keep melting away to all this British romance today.SOMEBODY BUY ME A TICKET TO LONDON!Kiernan Shipka, star of Mad Men, is 11-years-old. Hudson Kroenig, son of male supermodel Brad, is three-years-old. Yesterday both were the subjects of features detailing their vast designer wardrobes and love for Chanel. Get ready to cry.Let’s start with young Kiernan, who is amazing as the young Sally Draper on Men. In interviews she comes off as down-to-earth and fun loving, but that doesn’t mean this young celeb is shopping at the Gap. In fact, little style superstars Elle, Hailee and Chloe better watch their backs cause Kiernan is bringing it.In her style diary for Lucky, Kiernan wore clothes and accessories from the following labels over the course of one week: Chanel, Stella McCartney (twice), Paul & Joe, J Brand, Ralph Lauren (kids), Burberry, Marc Jacobs (twice) and an American Apparel skirt for good measure. And this pales in comparison to young Hudson’s closet.Do you know who Hudson’s good pal is? It’s Karl Lagerfeld! This is why Hudson walked the Chanel show with dad Brad when he was one, and got to keep his outfit. He also shot a Fendi campaign with dad, and got to keep his outfit. Oh and Karl sends him gifts, clothes and custom stuffed animals, kind of like your aunts and uncles only infinitely better.Hudson also loves Nikes, and there are at least seven different pairs showcased in his fashion spread, not to mention the two pairs made by Fendi and the Chanel jean boots. And he can wear the Fendi sneakers with his Fendi jeans, Fendi sweater and Fendi fedora for a day at the park!Why wasn’t our father Karl Lagerfeld’s muse?Kiernan Shipka: Eight Days, Eight Outfits []Hudson Kroenig []After capping off her biggest year to date in 2011 with a smoking Vogue Italia cover and the closing spot on the Victoria’s Secret runway, it was assumed by everyone that New York Fashion Week would be all about Karlie Kloss. Even the 19-year-old beauty strut her stuff, but now comes word she is skipping the New York season for the first time since she debuted on the Calvin Klein runway at the age of 15. But why?No one knows for sure other than the fact that her an “engagement has come up.” So let’s speculate!Give us your best guess below.“Do you know how many Jeff Bridges I had to sit on to get to where I am today? ONE.” Photo via Getty Images.After finished watching Toy Story 3 last weekend, it had to take a week off to reflect on stuff like ‘childhood’ and ‘Randy Newman,’ but it’s back! Put away your tissues children, it’s all just computer magic anyway.This week, we talk the can’t-go-wrong marketing tactics of connecting any product to Queen Elizabeth or faux fur. (Side note: Does anyone know if there are any drag queen stores that have a royal warrant ? Like, other than Burberry…)Our movie of the week is The Social Network. A timely film about (who’s up for a . . Please.).And as always there’s a great surprise at the end, for those brave enough to make it all the way through, that shows you how to apply this cinematic work of art to your own life. [LIKE IT ON FACEBOOK PUN.]Enjoy! Yup, that’s Patrick (He’s second from the left in the right picture). He’s not bad, right?Kate Moss isn’t Burberry’s only famous face these days. For their upcoming fall campaign, the designers of a few hot British rockers to be the new faces of the line.I took notice when I saw Patrick Wolf in the mix! Check here to see his video ” Apparently, along with opening for Amy Winehouse, this glam rocker’s been trying his hand at fashion. I will give him he’s very striking (and incredibly tall).Along for the campaign with Patrick are singer (and friend of Patrick!) Edward Larrikin and Jonny Epstein and Kieran Webster of .The Burberry logo, a knight on a charger, supposedly inspired the look of the fall line, along with the styles of medieval Britain. Photographer Mario Testino has the credits for this photoshoot.I usually like it better when models handle modeling (and regular Burberry models are mixed in for this campaign), but these guys are really good! I never would have guessed.Patrick Wolf in his “Vulture” video gear.That nice, waifish, mild-mannered, arty, young, queer/bi British singer (and sometimes-Burberry-model) has a dirty new music video!!! It’s for his single from his new album, The Bachelor, due on June 1st.OK, maybe the video’s not “dirty” exactly; it’s more suggestive. But it does feature Wolf writhing around in leather harness-y gear and little black briefs while being cuffed or gagged or wearing a gasmask-like apparatus. Saucy!Watch it (and view bits of Wolf’s nice bum) after the jump!Spanking good fun!Strap yourself in! It’s time for some Wolf-man action!Attaboy Patrick! Now we just need to see someone else in there, rolling around with you!Who would you wanna see Patrick getting into a bit of the old slap-and-tickle with, eh?In Full Flower: Carrie’s Back. Full disclosure: I saw the this past Friday night at a here in NYC. I can’t give away any plot points but I can say it’s pretty damn fun. There’s drama and major life changes for Carrie and the gals. (Expect more on all of this later…)But I’ve got to say the biggest impact made by the movie may just be the crazazy over-the-top visuals fashion-wise. It’s like a big fruit-salad of color and couture exploding all over your face with every new scene.As has been reported, Sarah Jessica Parker has about 81 costume changes throughout the flick. She first appears sporting an updated version of her trademark flower (see above), and this one is straight out of little costume-shop of horrors. It’s gonna eat her, I think. But then it doesn’t. (Maybe that’ll be on the DVD?)Here’s a video all about the insane clothes that costume designer (and fabulously out NYC icon Patricia Field) corralled for this uber-glam film. Sex and the City’s writer/director Michael Patrick King flanked by his muses. The shoes! The colors! And it’s not all about the women. The first time uber-gay Standford Blatch appears (and he’s never been one to be meek when it comes to his attire) he looks like he’s wearing some kind of Pantone color-wheel clown suit by Burberry. Hurrah!And some of the NYC press chimed in similarly (via ) today:“Costume designer/stylist Patricia Field fills every scene with enough labels to keep any fashionista salivating,” Colin Bertram in the . “Me, I got lost during the first fashion montage of clothes that would have made Dynasty look modest,” adds’s Roger Friedman. And another critic at Friday’s screening declared: “Women wept, cheered. It’s the Neiman Marcus catalog on steroids!”My favorite fashion moment? Carrie’s mega-ridiculous “Bridal Couture photo-shoot for Vogue” montage. She poses and preens in a sequence of gowns by (gasp!) Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera, Christian Lacroix, Lanvin, Oscar de la Renta and Christian Dior before settling on a demure number by Vivienne Westwood. It’s ridiculous and gorgeous. Carrie in her Vivienne Westwood wedding wear. Cute, right?I also love this dishy bit on the NY Times style blog, , which popped up last week. Their blogger goes off on and critiques a promo pic for the film, and it’s catty. But, hey… Carrie, Samantha and the gals can take care of themselves, right? And proving they really have nothing to worry about, today’s ends on this gushy note: Just like any great night out with best friends, "Sex and the City: The Movie" is awash with so much love that it lingers long after the last cocktail runs dry.Cosmos for everyone!For more major fashion coverage, check out the page on You Were Sleeping: Harry Styles Calls ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ ‘Educational’While You Were Sleeping: Lindsay Lohan & Barbara Walters Bond79-year-old jewel thief facing new charge in CA Published: January 26, 2010 8:20 PM By The Associated Press SANTA ANA, Calif. – (AP) — An international jewel thief who claims to have pocketed a small fortune in gems while shoplifting in ritzy stores from New York to Monte Carlo was arrested in Southern California for allegedly trying to steal a coat. Doris Payne, 79, pleaded not guilty to a felony count of grand theft in Superior Court on Tuesday in Orange County, district attorney’s spokeswoman Farrah Emami said. Court officials said Payne was represented by a public defender, but the attorney could not be reached for comment. Payne was arrested Friday after security guards said she walked out of a department store with a $1,300 Burberry trench coat, Costa Mesa police Lt. Mark Manley said. Payne was on parole for a previous theft conviction at the time and she remained jailed without bail Tuesday. Payne, who was born in Slab Fork, W.Va., has described a five-decade career of shoplifting in the U.S. and . Authorities said she used at least 22 aliases. Her career was detailed in a 2005 story by The Associated Press based on court records and interviews with Payne, prosecutors, detectives, agents, friends and jewelry store employees. The account said the exquisitely dressed and well-mannered Payne would waltz into a store and begin trying on diamond ring after diamond ring. When the clerk had taken out a number of fancy items and was thoroughly confused, she would steal one and casually slip out, sometimes with the ring on her finger. The Jewelers Security Alliance, an industry trade group, sent out bulletins in the 1970s warning about her. The daughter of an illiterate coal miner, Payne said her criminal career began when she was 23 and walked out of a jewelry store with a $22,000 diamond. “I’ve had regrets, and I’ve had a good time,” she said. Payne has served jail time in , , , , and . Variety reported last year that had signed to star in a movie about her life called “Who Is Doris Payne” that was in development. Messages seeking comment from Berry’s representatives were not immediately returned. Copyright 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. A his-and-hers vacation in Scottsdale Originally published: February 18, 2010 4:01 PM Updated: February 18, 2010 4:34 PM By ALISON LOWENSTEIN Special to Newsday Photo credit: Westin Kierland Scottsdale Guests swim in the pool at the Westin Kierland Resort and Spa in Scottsdale, . After enduring a winter filled with frigid temperatures and snowstorms, you might be in need of some sun and relaxation. Consider putting the skis aside and dusting off those golf clubs to head out West to Scottsdale. With championship golf courses and renowned spas, this sunny city is the ideal place to recharge. (Temperatures from mid-February through April range from 50 to 77.) The Sonoran Desert offers intoxicating mountain views, making it an ideal backdrop for a relaxing escape. Scottsdale is home to some of the country’s best destination resorts. There also are many activities and sights to occupy you off the resorts.What to see THE WRIGHT STUFF If you are interested in architecture, your trip won’t be complete without a visit to Frank Lloyd ‘s Taliesin West, where you can take a guided tour of the famed architect’s private winter home and studios. The property is still a working architectural school, and the tour will take you through Wright’s life and work here ($18-$32, 480-860-2700, ). DESERT TOUR Experience the beauty of the Sonoran Desert up close – in the back of an open-air vehicle. Spend three to four hours traversing the landscape with Wild West Jeep Tours ($90 includes pickup from Scottsdale area resorts; 480-922-0144, ). SHOPPING Scottsdale is a shopping mecca and is home to the largest mall in the Southwest, Scottsdale Fashion Square, where high-end shops include Barneys and Burberry (480-941-2140, ).Things to do   BASEBALL Scottsdale Stadium is the spring training home of the from March 3 to April 4. Fans can watch the Giants play against other Cactus League teams, including the L.A. Dodgers and . Tickets are $7-$30 (877-473-4849, ). DINING Calling all foodies: Scottsdale sponsors the 32nd annual Culinary Festival April 13-18. Patrons can sample dishes from more than 50 restaurants and watch cooking demonstrations from notable chefs ($5-$10 admission plus $1 tastings, 480-945-7193, ). CULTURE Through April 10, the Scottsdale Civic Center Mall hosts Native Trails, free festivals, concerts and other activities that pay tribute to the area’s Indian communities and history (480-421-1004, ). Just want to play a game of golf or indulge in a spa getaway? Consider taking a break at one of these relaxing resorts – all of which offer pastimes that are bound to please him – and her.  Where to stay    Fairmont Scottsdale Resort   7575 E. Princess Dr., 866-540-4495, Your biggest challenge will be trying not to get lost on the expansive, manicured grounds that overlook the McDowell Mountains. In addition to spacious rooms, which all have private balconies or terraces, and the five heated pools, the resort boasts the luxurious (and massive) Willow Stream Spa. It has an extensive list of treatments, a rooftop pool, waterfall treatment area, eucalyptus inhalation rooms, spa suites for couples and many other amenities. The Fairmont offers guests 18 holes of golfing on a championship Tournament Players Club of Scottsdale course and at the TPC Scottsdale Stadium Course. DEALS The That’s Impressive! Golf Package includes a two-night stay, and one round of golf for each person at both courses (from $512 a person, based on double occupancy, through March 31). The resort’s “Girlfriends Pajama Party Package” includes overnight accommodations for two, plus a pair of spa manicures, pink pajama gifts, cocktails at Stone Rose Lounge and ice cream at bedtime (from $605 a room a night through April 30).  The Westin Kierland Resort and Spa   6902 E. Greenway Pkwy., 480-624-1000, RATES From $289 a night (double occupancy) The Westin Kierland embraces both the Southwest and the area’s Scottish history. This elegant resort pays homage to the Scottish immigrants who built the Arizona railways and mines. Each evening, guests are invited to hear bagpipes being played at sunset. The resort also boasts three nine-hole courses and many golf amenities, including transportation and FORE-MAX golf training. The resort’s Agave, the Arizona Spa, has 20 treatment rooms, a salon, steam rooms, lap pool and a large menu of treatments. If you have kids in tow, you’ll find this resort to be quite family-friendly, with various kids’ activities, including a water park crowned with a 110-foot water slide. DEALS Unlimited golf for two, plus accommodations from $439 a room, a night. At the spa, a $169 Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes package includes a choice of any three spa services, such as massage, facial treatment, foot therapy, polish and paraffin or blowout.  The Boulders   North Tom Darlington Dr., Carefree, 888-579-2631, The Boulders, right outside Scottsdale on 1,300 acres in the scenic Carefree, Ariz., desert, has adobe casitas and is surrounded by 12-million-year-old boulders. It’s home to the luxe Golden Door Spa, where you can take fitness classes or visit a labyrinth or the O’furo, a traditional Japanese bath. If you came to golf, two 18-hole courses have striking desert views. You’ll also find four pools, tennis and outdoor adventure excursions. DEALS The His & Hers Golf & Spa Getaway Package includes a private casita for two, food and beverage credit of $25 a person, plus a choice of one round of golf or $150 spa credit per person. You’ll also get unlimited access to spa facilities and fitness classes (from $525 a room a night, through April 11).  The Millennium Resort Scottsdale McCormick Ranch   7401 N. Scottsdale Rd., 866-866-8086, For those who want a boutique resort experience, The Millennium Resort Scottsdale McCormick Ranch offers 125 Southwestern-style guest rooms with balconies or patios. The lakeside resort has two 18-hole courses and views of Camelback Lake and the McDowell Mountains. Besides golf, the resort offers tennis, volleyball, fishing, biking, paddleboating and canoeing. Although there isn’t a spa on the premises, the hotel offers packages with the nearby Spa at Gainey. DEALS The Dine, Stay and Play package includes accommodations, a $100 food and beverage resort credit and golf for two (from $349 a night through March).  Camelback Inn   5402 E. Lincoln Dr., 800-582-2169, Spa and golf lovers will find much to occupy themselves at this resort, set on 125 acres at the base of Mummy Mountain, overlooking Camelback Mountain. Golfers can choose from two championship 18-hole courses. Other facilities include a driving range, an oversized pueblo-style golf clubhouse and a golf shop. The Spa at Camelback Inn reopened in 2003 after an extensive renovation. It has 32 treatment rooms, a pool and a spa restaurant. DEALS Unlimited golf for two, including accommodations and daily breakfast for two starts at $399 a night. The Camelback Spa package for two includes breakfast and two 60-minute spa treatments (from $459). Al Roker, Martha Stewart earn Hudson Valley Tweets of the Week Friday September 14, 2012 5:30 PM By Photo credit: composite With celebrity weddings, fall TV premieres and reality TV show dramatics, it’s been a busy week in the world of entertainment. And there’s no better way to cap it than with the Hudson Valley Tweets of the Week. For the first week of September, we’ll break it down with Al Roker’s buddy, get the scoop on a surprise wedding from a famous insider and mull the musings of three comedians. (And if you missed any of the previous HV Tweets of the Week shenanigans, .) At No. 5, former Yorktown resident Al Roker is hanging out with Punky Brewster herself, Soleil Moon Frye (who, in case you didn’t know, is a rather attractive adult these days), and "Meet the Press" host David Gregory. Now, I almost opted to go with that showed off his 15-song "Today" show playlist, beginning with the theme from "The A-Team" and ending with Flo Rida’s "Club Can’t Handle Me." But I had to go with the photo of Al, Punky and Gregory, just so I could have the opportunity to embed this clip of former Saugerties resident Jimmy Fallon teasing Gregory for gettin’ funky to the music of Yonkers native Mary J. Blige. At No. 4 is Martha Stewart. It’s her , and while we try to spread the wealth in this recurring feature, we had to get her take on this week’s big celebrity wedding of fellow Bedford residents Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. After all, for the ceremony in South Carolina. Stewart’s tweet linked to an "exclusive" Martha Stewart Weddings blog post, which mostly proved to be an exercise in name-dropping. "Ryan and Blake opted for an intimate, personalized party, gathering their immediate and extended family at a rustic barn in South Carolina," reads an excerpt. "Ryan, who has been a long-time fan of Charleston, chose to mark this special occasion in one of his favorite towns. The bride and her bridesmaids walked down the aisle in custom Marchesa gowns designed by Blake’s friends, Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, with shoes created for the celebration by Christian Louboutin. The groom and groomsmen wore specially made Burberry suits with custom leather suspenders designed by the groom’s friend, Christopher Bailey. The couple exchanged unique wedding rings by Lorraine Schwartz." I like how the guests of the bride and groom are nameless, but the clothes they are wearing get all the love. I get the feeling Martha Stewart Weddings would be have just as pleased if the bridesmaids and groomsmen were just animatronic mannequins peddling the products. At No. 3 is comedy writer-director Jason Woliner, a former child actor ("Shining Time Station") and Pelham High School grad who’s the executive producer of the hilariously twisted and equally random Adult Swim cult hit, "Eagleheart." When he’s not hanging out with "Eagleheart" stars Chris Elliott, Maria Thayer and Brett Gelman on set, he’s avoiding so-called Internet hangouts hosted by a search engine. I know what you’re thinking: "Oh, cool! I get to hang out with a constantly buffering video of Steven Spielberg while trolls harass him about ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’? Where do I sign up?" The only good thing Google+ Hangouts ever gave us was This week’s Tweets of the Week runner-up is Eastchester native Bobby Moynihan, who kicks off his fifth season as a cast member on "Saturday Night Live" tomorrow. But is his heart elsewhere? Hey, both shows are funny, despite the fact that only one of them is trying to be. At the top spot of the countdown is Stony Point resident Tom Cotter, who of "America’s Got Talent." He may have been last night’s runner-up, but he will forever have finished first in the hearts of comedy fans in and beyond the Hudson Valley. And on this countdown! That counts for something, right? (It does not count for $1 million, however. Sorry, Tom.) Which of this week’s tweets is your favorite? Vote in the Hudson Buzz poll below. Did we miss your favorite celebrity tweet with a Hudson Valley connection? Let us know in the comments section or . And check out the , which we update every week! Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ’American Idol’: Hollie’s fashion flop Thursday April 5, 2012 10:02 AM By Photo credit: Fox Poor Hollie Cavanagh. Her “Flashdance” hit bombed and so did her turquoise fringy haystack of a dress. It was like someone gave her directions for wearing it – skip around like a nut job, and don’t forget to shimmy. The whole season has been a miss for this contestant – she’s dressed too old every time, though this might have been her worst.The problem with some of the looks last night was a lack of authenticity. The contestants need to dress for who they are. Cavanagh should look like a young, fresh thing, not like some trying-too-hard diva. Elise Testone failed here, too. In a one-shoulder white blouse and long, black trumpet skirt that was not flattering, as well as too many blingy accessories, she went for torch singer instead of the rocker she really is. She looked soooo much better during her Tom Petty duet with Phillip Phillips wearing jeans and a berry colored peasant blouse. And speaking of Phillips, puh-lease stop wearing brown – it matches his skin tone, beard and hair and dulls him down. Again he donned the super baggy jeans, along with a rumpled button-down and a brown tee. In the duet he looked better in a casual blazer and black shirt. The contrast is good for him, but truth told, he is the real deal – a bluesy rocker who cares more about the music than the look. PHOTOS: Deandre Brackensick was spot on in a button down, jeans and slim tie — the hair flowing – – he’s got a look. Colton Dixon did the rocker thing, again in his favorite skinny jeans worn with an oxblood leather vest and casual white tee shirt accessorized with a black scarf. Perhaps a bit too self-conscious but it worked. And he’s gone blonder — he’s a handsome dude, and this, along with his manicured shadow of a beard was good. Joshua Ledet needs to modernize his look. Again he went for a graphic, striped blazer (a slightly better fit this time around) worn with too-tight pants. He could look hipper and sound just as great. Jessica Sanchez modernized the ’80s moment with a slim, ruffled acid washed denim jacket with big shoulders. Her tiny frame can rock almost anything – including the skinny leather pants she wore, and a cool white tee shirt with net cutouts and neon green straps. Her geometric jewelry story included a studded neon Lucite bracelet. Jennifer Lopez told her, “I love the way your look is developing.” We can imagine that girls and young women are going to want to steal her look. We have to admit that Skylar Laine came turned out better than usual, though still not fab in a raspberry colored prom dress (it matched the raspberry strand in her hair) with a high-low hem, and ew, white stilettos. Randy Jackson, sporting a red shirt with big multicolored polka dots said, “I like the way you look,” and Ryan Seacrest added, “You look very pretty tonight.” Her decision to de-countrify in a fashion sense was conscious. She said, that she put on “a pretty ol’ dress.” Best look of the night? Seacrest, who appeared on “The Today” show in New York early yesterday morning, but looked fresh as a daisy for this L.A. gig later in the day donning a perfectly tailored charcoal Burberry suit with a purple pocket square. He’s the man. Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , ’American Idol’ fashion: Black and white all over Thursday March 24, 2011 10:54 AM By Photo credit: FOX For the Motown moment on "American Idol," contestants, with little variation, wore black and/or white. It was the tale of three white jackets (and oh, how differently they fit) when it came to Jacob Lusk, Stefano Langone and Haley Reinhart. Lusk’s wrinkled linen number fit so badly that he couldn’t raise his arms, though his vocals were uplifting. Langone’s now trademark blazer, untucked shirt, jeans and patent sneaker ensemble was smooth and fit perfectly. Reinhart wore a black and white shawl collared tuxedo jacket – this was OK, but eeks, the short and vest outfit paired with towering stilettos – not her best choice, though Steven Tyler said, “You don’t look a day over fabulous.” Ryan Seacrest (always in perfectly tailored Burberry) couldn’t keep his red carpet experience out of the mix last night when it came to Pia Toscano. Her black matte jersey dress fit like a glove and while Seacrest didn’t ask, “Who are you wearing?,” he swirled her around to show off the dramatic ruched and plunging back with its sequin inset. Real fashion va-va-voom. PHOTOS: We think wannabe prom queens everywhere will be looking for Lauren Alaina’s zebra striped chiffon number. With its high sequin waist and startling red inset, this would make a major statement at the dance. It was Alaina’s very best look to date, and even Jennifer Lopez, opalescent in a peachy shade, said, “You look amazing tonight.” Most of the boys donned black. Rocker James Durbin did a jacket adorned with piercings, chains and skulls. Paul McDonald rasped in skinny black pants and shirt, and Seacrest noted, a silver cougar pin. Scotty McCreery crooned in a black button down, jeans and even black cowboy boots. Naima Adedapo wore gray – crazy huge bell-bottoms that moved perfectly with her African dance movements. Her strappy fitted top showed of her athletic body. Lovely Thia Megia’s dress featured a black strapless bodice and a ruffled, tiered skirt in nude. A big multicolored sequin heart necklace was a perfect accessory for the teenager. Only Casey Abrams opted for a slash of color in a tomato red shirt topped by a brownish blazer. Seacrest said the growling contestant looked “dapper,” while Tyler commented that he had, “a crazy-assed out-of-control ego,” which may have been tamped down a bit with a slight overdose of hair product on this night. Speaking of Tyler, well, he did a cool, sparkle-dusted chiffon cheetah top, jeans and a neck full of glittery hippie necklaces. Our favorite visual of the night, however, was the sign held up by an audience member in his honor that read, “Steven Tyler, you’re my mom’s hall pass.”Babylon- Islip police report Originally published: May 11, 2010 6:08 PM Updated: May 12, 2010 4:57 PM Reports from county or village police, May 2-8AmityvilleAn Islip Terrace man, 49, was arrested at his Lincoln Avenue home May 8 and charged with third-degree burglary. He is a suspect in connection with a burglary at Vincenzo’s Restaurant and Pizzeria on Sunrise Highway.Items including a GPS unit and a TV were stolen from an unlocked vehicle on Avenue E May 6.Bay ShoreA…Bare shoulders dominate Oscar fashion Originally published: February 26, 2012 9:37 PM Updated: February 27, 2012 12:18 AM By ANNE BRATSKEIR. Special to Newsday Photo credit: Getty Images Actress arrives at the 84th Annual held at the & Highland Center in Los Angeles. (Feb. 26, 2012) Double-stick tape may have been the accessory du jour at the 84th annual Academy Awards last night as more than a few red carpet stars wore seriously plunging necklines.Most uncomfortable, perhaps, was Rooney Mara in her deep-V white Givenchy. Pundits saluted her for breaking out of her “Dragon” girl black, but she kept checking to make sure all was in place. Viola Davis — killer in emerald,…Beauty spot: Lip fixes for summer smiles Published: June 24, 2011 3:03 PM By BARBARA SCHULER Photo credit: Handout Japanese artist Yayoi Kusma inspired Lancome’s limited-edition Natural Juicy Tubes, six flavors of lip gloss –among them Happy Honey, Dot Apricot. The latest products to enhance your pucker: Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama inspired Lancôme’s limited- edition Juicy Tubes, six flavors of lip gloss — among them Happy Honey and Dot Apricot — all with hydrating shea butter, $15 each, at makeup counters or’s new Lip Mists have a natural vitamin C found in wild rose extract, along with just a hint of color. They…Beauty Spot: Lovely lips Originally published: January 27, 2012 12:34 PM Updated: January 29, 2012 12:58 PM By BARBARA SCHULER Photo credit: Handout Go matte or shiny with True Commitment from Addiction NV Cosmetics. Each comes with a matte shade and a coordinating shiny gloss. Three combos are available: red/pink shimmer, orange/gold shimmer, bronze, clear shimmer; $26 each at (Jan. 2012) Taking their inspiration from the classic Burberry trench, the Burberry Lip Glows plump up fine lines and hydrate. They’re available in three shades — Nude Gold, Ruby and Bright Plum — $24 each at select Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue stores.Sugar is the key ingredient in the lip treatment from Fresh — it’s a natural, long-lasting moisturizer. Add to that meadowfoam seed and apricot kernel…Beauty spot: Summer scents Friday July 6, 2012 2:56 PM By Barbara Schuler Dolce & Gabbanacelebrates the Italian Riviera withLight Blue’s Dreaming inPortofinofor women, $49-$89, and Living Stromboli for men, $46-$75. Florals like peony and rose combine with citrus blends for the limited-editionBlooming Bouquet, the latest fromMiss Dior; $64 atNordstrom. Give your home a touch of summer withSlatkin & Co. candlesin… ’Beekman Boys’ offer style tips Originally published: March 18, 2011 12:38 PM Updated: March 21, 2011 11:08 AM By JOSEPH V. AMODIO. Special to Newsday Photo credit: Photo by Bruce Gilbert The Fabulous Beekman Boys, Brent , left, and , right, hosted a cocktail party and style clinic in the men’s department of Bloomingdale’s at Field in . They show off their signature boots with customer Mike O’ Connor, center. (March 15, 2011) The “Beekman Boys” took time off from farm chores to hang out one night last week at Bloomingdale’s in Roosevelt Field, where shoppers enjoyed hors d’oeuvres, drinks and fashion tips from cable TV’s latest reality sensations.”The Fabulous Beekman Boys,” a series that debuted on Planet Green last year, chronicles the lives of Dr. Brent Ridge and Joshua Kilmer-Purcell, a couple that went from…Big-time bargain sale of kids stuff Published: May 12, 2011 9:45 PM By KEIKO MORRIS Photo credit: Newsday/Karen Wiles Stabile Gail Roca, founder of Kids Kloset, arranges some of the clothing for children. (May 12, 2011) While shopping for used items may carry a stigma in some circles, a group of several women Thursday proudly traded stories of deals they had scored in the past: a gently used child’s Burberry outfit that sells for $140, purchased for $8. An almost new deluxe red Radio Flyer double-seater red wagon bought for $30. Or an expensive plastic playhouse snagged for $40."My snobby friends say,…Browse Manhattan holiday store windows online Sunday December 18, 2011 4:05 PM By Nina Ruggiero Photo credit: Getty/ For those who love to window shop but don’t love crowds or cold weather, TurnHills.comhasgathered 38 of Manhattan’s popular store window displays on one interactive new website, just launched this December.Simply click on the stores, ranging from H&M and Forever 21 to Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Burberry, and the window will pop up. Roll your mouse over the items on display… Celebs shine at Met Museum’s Costume Insitute gala Published: May 3, 2010 9:54 PM By JOSEPH V. AMODIO Special to Newsday Photo credit: Getty Images From left, designer , actress and actress attend the Gala Benefit to celebrate the opening of the “American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity” exhibition at The on May 3, 2010, in . A bevy of A-listers glammed it up at last night’s gala, celebrating the new exhibit, “American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity,” co-chaired by Vogue’s , and Gap’s executive vice president of design, Patrick Robinson. “It took me a minute to catch my breath, when I got the call from asking me to take part,” Robinson said as he arrived at what’s often called “the party of the year” – one usually headlined by designers of pricier labels. The exhibit celebrates iconic American fashion trends, from 1890s Gibson girls (sporty, sleek), to ’20s flappers (rebels) to ’30s screen sirens (glam-o-rama). And modern-day versions of all three were easy to spot on the red carpet. The Gibson-ish gals: (in white Francisco Costa for ), (in a sweet white ), and Queens native (also wearing , but in black). The flappers: (in a brocade mini), Katy Perry (in a dress that actually lit up), and Gisele Bündchen rockin’ black fringe and lotsa leg. The sirens: Too many to count. , in between school exams (in sleek white Burberry), of “Lost” (gray lace ), (teal ), (in gray tulle .) Then there’s (in blush Heritage), (in for Gap, getting her heel caught on the steps in all that tulle) and (in gold ), with train trouble. But she had alongside to straighten it. “Look!” she exclaimed. “It doesn’t get better than this!” Chelsea Clinton glows in Vera Wang Sunday August 1, 2010 9:59 AM By Anne Bratskeir Photo credit: Getty Images Who did Chelsea Clinton choose to design her wedding dress for her nuptials (details were beyond hush-hush) on Saturday in Rhinbeck, NY?Final answer: Vera Wang.After weeks, maybe months of speculation about w

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