The other day, Ricky Anderson approached me with a creative writing idea. He said, “Hey, let’s get a group of people to agree to writing about the same subject on the same day” or something like that. Either way, the idea quickly snowballed and we developed the Sudden Writing Challenge and tricked a few people into participating.

Here were the rules we came up with, borrowing a similar format to the 48 Hour Film project.

Participants had 48 hours to write a short story in a Caper style. You know, like a bank heist or something? Basically any sort of tight situation that a character must get out of. The deadline for the story is this afternoon, so not all stories are up yet.

Each story also has to include these three things:
1. A rooftop
2. A janitor/custodian named Glenn
3. The phrase, “Well, that’s not how I would have planned it.”

Don’t worry if you feel you missed the chance to join in. We’ll do more Sudden Writing Challenges very soon!

Here are the people who agreed to play along:


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