Bearded Bloggers Fundraising Adventure!

Okay, so everyone in the world these days knows about Charity Water. If not, then I’m impressed, and here is a video you can watch.

Also, a lot of you probably already know about the Bearded Bloggers Fundraising Adventure (that’s not what it’s called) that I’m a part of. If not, so talk to Caleb McNary, the guy who headed it all up.

It’s great, cause it’s just a bunch of friends on the internet doing what we already do (beard) but using this as a tool for helping others. If we’re sitting around bearding all day, why not help others in the process? GOOD TIMES IF YOU ASK ME.

I’m a firm believer that No Shave November involves going completely clean on day one and going from there. Therefore, I’ll be posting a new photo every day of my beard progress. Be sure to follow TheJosephCraven on both Twitter and Instagram for these sweet picshures.

Be sure to check out Caleb’s post about our fundraising endeavors, visit all of the fine gentlemen participating in this month’s festivities, and give money. Do it. Do it for the children. Do it cause my mom has already given some cash. She told me herself.

If you donate money or care to trash talk us about it, be sure to use the hashtags #BeardedBloggers and #NoShaveNovember and also #JosephCravenIsTheBestAroundNoOnesEverGonnaBringHimDown.

And then enjoy this photo from the one day of the year in which I go clean shaven and therefore look like a 15 year old:


3 thoughts on “Bearded Bloggers Fundraising Adventure!

  1. I have to say I’m a little torn on the matter… Torn because I can’t decide if beardless Craven looks like Jim Halpert or pre-Late Night Jimmy Fallon.

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