Letter From Camp

As I mentioned before, things are a little bit sparse around the ol’ GBOAT these days. Hey, it IS vacation, after all. But today, I have an internet connection, and I figure I will touch base with the Internet and remind you guys that I exist. So here are a few facts, either about where I am, or about me.

  • I am currently some 1,200 miles from home. This is basically the farthest I’ve ever been from home, but best I can tell, it’s a comparable distance to either Guatemala City, Guatemala, and San Salvador, El Salvador. Those are other places I’ve been, so they have to be taken into consideration.
  • Canadians love “cottages”, which aren’t quite like rich people with fancy lake houses, but more rustic, like a cabin in the woods. Here in Ontario, these cottages are typically located up around Lake Huron, which is just as huge as you would think. The scenery is unbelievable. The photo I included at the top of the post is from the Halfway Log Dump (that’s the actual name) which is a spot I ended up at yesterday. These are the things I get to go and see frequently. It’s great.
  • I’m not really a fan of canoeing. Something about the wobbly-ness makes me feel uneasy. But Amanda wanted to yesterday, so I gladly went out with her. The canoeing, along with the fact that I’ve spent several weeks hanging out in a cottage at a lake, give me the feeling of being at a summer camp. It’s fun.
  • Up in Canada, people do enjoy peameal bacon. It’s roughly the same type of ham we would eat down south, but a little bit different. It’s what we would call “Canadian bacon” if we order it on our pizza, but up here, they wouldn’t want it to be called “Us bacon” so they call it peameal.
  • Do you remember that I mentioned I was working on something called “Being Boring”, about being a traditional Christian in a contemporary world? It’s cool if you don’t. I didn’t talk about it much. Well the reason it hasn’t seen the light of day is because I’ve been recently inspired to expand the project from more than just the 17-page thing it was. It’ll encompass more than just being traditional, but living in the super conservative south and why sometimes that’s beautiful. Hopefully it’ll be worth reading. No telling.
  • Along with that, I’ve actually had a few halfway decent writing ideas come up. I haven’t had as much time to work on them as I may like (vacation!) but hopefully I’ll be able to do something with them. There might even be some FICTION involved!
  • One reason I really like Canada is because French is BY FAR the most fun language to mispronouce. Maybe it’s because you get the feeling that they are stuck up enough to really hate that fact, but man it’s fun. And there’s hardly anything I love more than purposefully mispronouncing things.
  • On that note, the French word for rewinding is “rebobinage”.
  • My favorite part in any song ever is when Freddy Mercury yells “GET ON YOUR BIKES AND RIDE” in the song Fat Bottom Girls. And I will purposefully not say any more about that.
  • Stay tuned for when I get back into the internet in early August. Not only will The Courtesy Laugh be back in full force, but there should be plenty of new projects to get super excited about.

I hope everyone on the internet is doing well. I miss each and every one of you. Even you, Jared Hollier.


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