The GBOAT Is Upon Us

This is The Greatest Blog Of All Time.

I wish I had more to say as an introduction. But I don’t.

I could explain why I created this blog. But there’s no explanation to give. It just exists for you to read and hopefully enjoy.

Basically, I like to think about things. And I know for a fact I don’t think about things the same way that you think about them. Unless you happen to also be me. If so, we should totally hang out sometime!

Regardless of who you are, I feel it’s about time for me to share the way I think about things with you. Maybe you’ll enjoy it? There’s literally no way to tell.

So here’s how it works: I’m going to think about some things, write about them, and then post them here weekly. And you’re going to help me out by reading this and giving me ideas on what to be thinking about. Fun stuff!

First post will be tomorrow. After that, expect them every Wednesday.

Shoot me an email ( and follow me on Twitter (thejosephcraven).

No gimmicks. Just The Greatest Blog of All Time.


11 thoughts on “The GBOAT Is Upon Us

  1. I especially enjoyed your analysis of the current Libyan crisis and the insightful comparison to post-colonial conflict in north africa.

  2. how did this happen without my knowledge? also, can you tell me how to convey hand gestures in a clever, witty way through the internet?

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