Honesty and Cynicism

They took their seats in the coffee shop, which was largely empty. There were a few locals enjoying their customary morning brew and one or two students with earbuds and laptops going out into the world so they can block it out entirely and work. Other than the light acoustic strumming coming from the speakers up front, there wasn’t anything to disturb their conversation.

“So, what’s new with you? Been a while.” She was always going to be the one to start the conversation. Not that he didn’t talk, but because she was always looking for somebody or something to start a conversation with. She was bursting with enthusiasm for the world around her. Too protective of herself to be naive, she was still too appreciative to be anything but excited.

He had friendly eyes and a slender frame, but he carried himself like a very tired man. He wasn’t ugly, in fact he had a appealing, if different, attractiveness to him. He took a sip of his drink before answering.

“New? Not much, really. Kind of have the same routine as always, I guess.”

“Which is?”

He shrugged. “Work. Trying to clean up the house. Hanging with the guys. You know, things sort of stay the same.”

She smiled, “No girls in your life?”

It wasn’t that he was trying to be rude, but he did laugh a little bit at her question. “No. You know me. I mean, my life is a mess. Don’t see the reason to bring somebody into that.”

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The GAOAT: All Adventures Start With Tutorials And Unions

It was a bright, lovely day in a world not all that ACTUALLY it’s a world that’s super drastically different than our own. Like, absurdly so. Where cat people shoot fireballs out of their hands and stuff. And the term “adventure” is thrown around wildly. And the common form of transportation happens to be jumping on the back of a giant bird.

Yeah, totally normal and cool just don't worry about it or ask any questions

Yeah, totally normal and cool just don’t worry about it or ask any questions

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New ROTC World Cup Episode!


Joseph is again joined by Michael Preston and Keith Harkins for an episode of Running Out The Clock. This time around, they discuss the USA advancing, the work of Jurgen Klinsmann, the upcoming match against Belgium, and poor Jordan Ayew getting pantsed on television, which is something Michael Preston thinks will work out well for Ayew.

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Many thanks to Michael Preston (@the_hairy_hotty) and Keith Harkins (@pharkins) for their help on this episode.

ROTC Sports


Oh my! That match between the USA and Portugal was SO GOOD that Running Out The Clock had to record an emergency episode immediately following the game!

Besides our reaction to the game, we discuss Michael Bradley, the upcoming match against Germany, and the American Outlaws.

CLICK HERE to listen to ROTC Live From America’s Crushing Yet Hopeful Disappointment!

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Many thanks to Keith Harkins (@kpharkins) and Michael Preston (@the_hairy_hotty but please never follow him ever oh please) for joining on this episode!

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You Could Forget


If you close your eyes, you could forget nearly everything. Read More…

The Greatest Adventure Of All Time

We need heroes. We need those larger than life personalities that we can get behind. People we can root for. That face challenges and overcome them. It’s what we want, it’s what we need.

Heroes are not born. They are created. Sometimes it’s by trial. Sometimes it’s by hard work and success. Sometimes it’s by loss.

And sometimes, they are created through a handy character creation tool on games such as Final Fantasy XIV.

Sometimes you're even allowed to drop a character in his skivvies and really confuse him

Sometimes you’re even allowed to drop a character in his skivvies and really confuse him

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Should Christians Drive Priuses?

Lately I’ve been seeing friends, Christians and non-Christians alike, driving Toyota Priuses. The past two springs, more and more Priuses (Priuii?  Does anybody know the plural), keep showing up on the highway.

Honestly, they look ridiculous.  If you drive a Prius, sorry, but your car looks silly.  But that’s all the thought I had ever given them.  “That’s an odd looking car,” I’d say to myself, then follow up with “but different strokes, right?”  Then I would rev up my gas guzzler really loud, fake run the Prius off the road, and be about my merry way.  All in a day’s fun, right?

Anyway, the other day, I was looking for things that, as a Christian, I could be needlessly offended by, and I came across this.  If you’re too lazy to click the link, it takes you to the “Environmental Impact” section of the Prius Wikipedia page.

At first, everything seemed to be fine.  I mean, it’s a car that is good for the environment.  Sure, it looks funny, but it’s earth friendly, right?

But then I thought about it.

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